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Ooooodles of zines to share!

Lots of fanzines arrived, several while I was away from my computer, so I have not had a chance myself to read them all.  The Kommandeur is new to me–a clubzine for AHIKS, which looks to be a club for gamers. It LOOKS good, but more than that I am not qualified to say.

Leybl Botwinik’s Cyber Cozen is WARP’s penpal. I was intrigued by his review of The Seven Sisters , AKA What Happened to Monday?.

Alexiad has reviews of books, conventions, movies, comics, as well as other news and articles.


CCOctober 2017-v02


Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-11

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-04

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-27






MT VOID 1981

Askew 21

Zines to share!

If you publish on blogs, websites, Facebook, etc., a good closing line is always “Like SF? I belong to the N3F http://N3F.org and you should, too.” not to mention “N3F? Public memberships are free.”

Leading people to Fanac is good. Our wonderful Welcommittee does its share, but more voices in this direction would be positive. Speaking up (e.g., Letters of Comment) for activities you would like to see, and do not, would be positive.

George Phillies
President, N3F

George sends us copies of two zines this week–Mt Void and Revenge of Hump Day. He also passes on copies of our own WARP, which is much appreciated by yours truly!  –CPL

MT VOID 1979

MT VOID 1980

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-06

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-13

Zines to share!

Two more zines have arrived in a package from the N3F Editorial Cabal, George Phillies.

MT VOID 1969

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-06-28

Table of contents for MT VOID 1969

Things We Share (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
Free Libraries Shaped Like TARDISes (comments by Evelyn C. Leeper)
Science Fiction (and Other) Discussion Groups, Films, Lectures, etc. (NJ)
My Picks for Turner Classic Movies for July (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
A QUIET PASSION (film review by Mark R. Leeper)
Minions (letter of comment by Charles S. Harris)
AN ECONOMIST GETS LUNCH (letter of comment by Jim Susky)
BEFORE THE DAWN (letter of comment by Jim Susky)
This Week’s Reading (Hugo novelette and short story
finalists) (book comments by Evelyn C. Leeper)
Quote of the Week

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-06-28

No table of Contents. There are jokes, and a lot of sci & tech news.


Fanzines to share!

Fornax #19  :   Fornax is a fanzine devoted to history, science fiction & gaming as well as other areas where the editor’s curiosity goes. It is edited/published by Charles Rector. In the grand tradition of fanzines, it is mostly written by the editor. This is issue #19 published May 2017

PurrMew59 : Purrsonal Mewsings, formerly Feline Journal and Feline Mewsings is a personal/genzine I hope to publish every six weeks by R-Laurraine Tutihasi,
Permission is granted to reprint or forward any part or all of this newsletter created by the editor provided that it carries the following statement: “Copyright 2017 by R-Laurraine Tutihasi. Originally published in Purrsonal Mewsings #59, http://www.weasner.com/laurraine/Felinemewsings/
index.html.” All other material is copyrighted by their respective creators, and they should be contacted for any reprint permission.

Editorial / Introduction—p. 2
Local Outings—p. 2
Kritter Korner—p. 2
Astronomy—p. 3
Reviews—p. 4
StippleAPA—p. 10
Letters—p. 12
Closing Remarks—p. 13

TIGHTBEAM278 TIGHTBEAM is produced on a bi-monthly basis by the N3F –The National Fantasy Fan Federation, a world-wide club for fans of science fiction/fantasy and related subjects. Copies are sent electronically direct to all current members, and copies are also posted, somewhat later, on the efanzines.com web site thru the generous courtesy of webmaster Bill Burns. This is issue #278 and is edited by Bob Jennings.

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-06-21  Obituary for Stephen Furst and Sci & Tech news

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-06-14 : Obit for Adam West, sci and tech news

MT VOID 1967Adam West, R. I. P.
The Val Lewton Story (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
When Mona Lisa Went Missing (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
AARON’S BLOOD (film review by Mark R. Leeper)
WONDER WOMAN (film review by Dale Skran)
Agatha Christie (letter of comment by Joseph T. Major)
Generation Ships, Greece, AFTERIMAGE, Matt Helm,
Geography and Martians, THE WARRIOR’S APPRENTICE,
(letter of comment by Taras Wolansky)
This Week’s Reading (POSTERN OF FATE) (book comments
by Evelyn C. Leeper)
Quote of the Week

MT VOID 1966  The Rise of the Hacker Century (comments by Mark R. Leeper)
BE AFRAID (film review by Mark R. Leeper)
Greece (letters of comment by Keith F. Lynch and Gregory Benford)
This Week’s Reading (LAGOON, WICKED WONDERS, and A CARIBBEAN MYSTERY) (book comments by Evelyn C. Leeper)
Quote of the Week

Zines! Loads of Zines have arrived!

Download and save for your morning commute, you know, like when your bus is surrounded by orange cones and about to surrender to the traffic ghods…

Edited Fornax

Old Frontier Unnumbered Issue



MT VOID 1961

MT VOID 1962

MT VOID 1963

MT VOID 1964

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-05-10

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-05-17

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-05-24

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-05-24 V391