Leybl Botwinik

Leybl is the editor of CyberCozen. Founded in 1988, CyberCozen is Israel’s longest surviving science fiction fanzine, and the only one published in English.

MonSFFA has been communicating with Lyble since October; CyberCozen and WARP have an exchange programme going! Read about our first meeting.

Leybl was back in Montreal for a short stay in July which coincided nicely with the timing of our picnic in the park. Quite an informal setting, but Leybl was able to give a presentation about himself and the projects he and his son are working on.

Here are some links to Nathaniel’s book “Anshey hamaagal: hizdamnut shniya” [“Forever People: Second chance”] and our proposed TV series “Face of Man”.

– About the book:

– For a brief synopsis with a link to an excerpt of the TV pilot, see the facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FaceOfMan01/timeline

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