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Fanzine to share!

Our friend Leybl from Israel has sent us CyberCozen. He has a very interesting review of Valerian, and an article about keeping either Halal or Kosher in space.


This month’s roundup:
Film review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
“Jews In Space”
Sorry, no “Sheer Science” this month – hopefully, something dedicated, next time
And – as usual, interesting tidbits from various websites.
– Your editor, Leybl Botwinik


Ooooodles of zines to share!

Lots of fanzines arrived, several while I was away from my computer, so I have not had a chance myself to read them all.  The Kommandeur is new to me–a clubzine for AHIKS, which looks to be a club for gamers. It LOOKS good, but more than that I am not qualified to say.

Leybl Botwinik’s Cyber Cozen is WARP’s penpal. I was intrigued by his review of The Seven Sisters , AKA What Happened to Monday?.

Alexiad has reviews of books, conventions, movies, comics, as well as other news and articles.


CCOctober 2017-v02


Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-11

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-04

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-27






MT VOID 1981

Askew 21

And another Zine to share!

Never fails–as soon as I post a collection of trade zines, another arrives! 🙂

Here is CyberCozen from our “^penpal” Lebyl in Israel who writes:

+ a New Year’s Greeting, and a reminder of the upcoming ICON fest in Tel aviv, Oct 8-10:




Some great zines to enjoy

From our “penpal”, Leybl  in Israel: CyberCozen CCAugust2017-v04  
So Sorry! This issue is coming out with a definite and unforeseen delay (and also a bit ‘lean’ …).  So this month, other than a few items of interest on the Web, we have:
– My book review on Ben Bova’s & Bill Pogue’s novel “The Trikon Deception” (1992)
= Dr. Doron Calo is back with: The Weird World of Topology
NOTE: Next time, all about my visit with the Montreal’s MONSFFA members (+ pics of their annual Bar-B-Q).
– Your editor, Leybl Botwinik


V42, from Graham Charnock, UK   who writes: It’s here! “The best fanzine ever, bar none”: Alexei Panshin. “Juvenile rubbish”: Mike Glyer. Make up your own mind by reading it yourself. Let’s face it, where else you find letters from Gary Hubbard next to those by David Redd. Go on, try it. You know you want to.

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We were also sent several issues of Mount Void and an issue of Nice Distinctions.

Nice Distinctions 31 is edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty,

Mount Void is edited by Mark and Evelyn Leeper.

MT VOID 1975

MT VOID 1974

MT VOID 1973

MT VOID 1972

MT VOID 1971


Fanzine to share!

CyberCozen, Israel’s longest running fanzine, can be downloaded by clicking here.

In this month’s issue, editor Leybl Botwinik, has reprinted Danny Sichel’s article on Municipal Fantasy. Way to go, Danny!

BTW, Leybl will be in Montreal later this month and plans to attend our BBQ in the park on the 16th. Do come by and meet WARP’s official penpal!


More Zines to Share!

We have received more ‘zines to share.

CyberCozen is edited by Leybl Botwinik with whom MonSFFA has a cyber connection–we’ve been trading content as well as zines. CyberCozin has been around since 1989!

In this issue: 

  • Celebrating 40 years of Voyager
  •  Follow-up: Marvel Movies and TV Shows – What to Watch (and what NOT to)
  •  Some interesting items picked up from the Web (PCMag, CNET, and elsewhere)
  •  About the ‘best’ Alien invasion films
  •  The Holocaust and SF – Part II
  • Sheer Science section by Dr. Doron Calo: AI Pros and Cons

Vibrator 39 is edited by Graham Charnock. Annoyingly, no ToC, but he writes:

Paedopholia, Murder, Taxi Driving – read all about it in the Sensational latest issue of Vibrator!!! 

The Murder story is non-fiction, rather scary because it is non-fiction, and reminds me of an episode of Murdoch. Very intelligent students who murder because they can.

An interesting LoC from Greg Benford who explains how he solved the “too many books” problem:

But I solved this while still acquiring many 100s books/year: buy a condo, then two, then a storage facility. So have homes in Irvine, Laguna Beach, & Mammoth in high Sierra. Full of books, but can still walk around in them. Or go to the storage place, the size of a garage.


Fanzines: CyberCozen and Eldritch Science

From Leybl Botwinik,  the latest issue of CyberCozen Israel’s longest running SF fanzine (we’ve been around since 1989)


Download CyberCozen

This month’s roundup:
A word first – Last month, March, we put up a lot of material gathered during the month of February (which is the shortest in the year). However, there were still a lot more interesting articles and links that we had accumulated and wanted to publish – but we didn’t have space for them (actually, we could have, since there is no real limit to the size of this PDF – we just wanted to keep it within the manageable bounds of our regular 5-9 pages / month). So this month, in addition to some new stuff, we’ll be publishing some of last month’s leftovers – call it ‘pot luck’… – and quite possibly pushing off stuff to next month as well.

  • Good news and a hearty Mazl-Tov to our regular contributor Dr. Doron Calo on the birth of his baby daughter – wishing him, her, and the happy mother (and other sister) lots of good health … and so he’s on vacation and his regular column will restart, hopefully, next  month.
  • “False News” is the new “in” thing… How about some of the future: Star Trek – False Facts
  • Several follow-ups on AI and morality issues
  • Some interesting R&D news picked up from PCMag and CNET
  • Putting some order to all the recent Marvel movies and TV series – past, present, and future
  • The Holocaust and SF – Part I
After a brief 25-year hiatus, Eldritch Science resumes publication.

Eldritch Science will now be published on occasion as the fiction zine of the National Fantasy Fan Federation, the world’s oldest non-local science fiction club. To emphasize our continuity with the past, we are reprinting a story last published in one of our 1989 issues, namely Adara’s Tale by George Phillies, with the original artwork as prepared a quarter-century ago by Ree Young.
In This Issue
Cover…Adara’s Tale…Ree Young
Editorial, In This Issue… Page Two
The Human Condition…Michael Simon… Page Three
Tales of Weird Science…Andrew Darlington … Page Eleven
Natural Selection …Michael Simon… Page Eleven
Moonhenge … Robert N Stephenson …Page Nineteen
Desperate Times … Michael Simon … Page Twenty-seven
The Unspeakable Prometheus …Jefferson Swycaffer … Page Thirty-four
Adara’s Tale … George Phillies … Page Forty-five
Ree Young…Cover; Pages Forty-seven, Fifty-five, Sixty-eight
Electronic Subscriptions to Eldritch Science are included with all memberships in The

Part One  EldritchScience201704A2

Part Two EldritchScience201704A1



MonSFFA met up with Leybl, editor of CyberCozen back in October, and we started an exchange programme.  You read Leybl’s review of People of the Circle in WARP 97. In this issue of CyberCozen Leybl reprints Keith’s review of Powerless.

From Leybl Botwinik, CyberCozen editor:

This month’s issue is packed with all sorts of goodies and sweet stuff
All in honour of the upcoming Purim festival on the 12th.

The lead article is about the discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system’s 7 planets in the Goldilocks zone, and asks the question: Does Judaism entertain the possibility of alien life? Read full article by Rabbi Benjamin Blech here: http://www.aish.com/ci/s/Judaism-and-Life-on-Other-Planets.html?s=mm  

And for those of us who believe the account of creation as recorded in the Torah, are the opening words – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” – meant as full disclosure of the creation of life by the Almighty or is this merely the information granted to Earthlings as necessary for our relationship with God but not purporting to reveal other manifestations of divine power and creativity? In short, can religious Jews believe in the possibility of alien life?

A question many religions will be grappling with; as our technology improves more habitable planets will be discovered.  Indeed, the TRAPPIST system isn’t even the first discovered. Back in August of last year, ESA announced the discovery of a possibly habitable planet orbiting Proxima Centauri:

The new planet circles Proxima Centauri, the smallest member of a triple star system known to science fiction fans everywhere as Alpha Centauri. Just over 4 light-years away, Proxima is the closest star to Earth, besides our own sun.  http://www.eso.org/public/news/eso1629/?lang

But what are the probabilities of life on other planets being anything like us?  As Carl Sagan famously pointed out back in Cosmos, we can’t even communicate with the dolphins.  I think we will need to work out that problem long before we start getting into theology!

Fanzines to share!

From Israel, we have CyberCozen, edited by Leybl Botwinik. whom I had the pleasure of meeting near the end of last year. CyberCozen is  archived at http://efanzines.com/CyberCozen/index.htm Not only do we trade zines with Leybl, we also are starting to trade articles!

Auroran Lights (#22 February), the CSFFA newsletter, contains complete instructions how to add to the eligibility lists for this year’s Aurora Awards. Edited by Richard Graeme Cameron.

BTW, in case you missed it, last year’s Aurora winners are listed here.