Ad Astra 2017 Part ONE

Photos by Sylvain       Video by Cathy & Sylvain as indicated

Sylvain makes a minor modification to Cathy’s car. Sadly, it didn’t shorten the trip any.

This year, two MonSFFen–Cathy Palmer-Lister and Sylvain St-Pierre– made the trip to Toronto for Ad Astra,  May 5-7, 2017.

Friday, we visited the Ontario Science Museum which was hosting a special exhibit.
And then on to the convention!

There were panels, dealers, displays,  competitions, a space battle!

Video by of the Torolug display by Cathy

A Torolug member posted a video which has a better view of the motion machine.

He gets a bit distracted by bunnies and food, but still a much more polished recording of the event.



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