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Who Are We? MonSFFA is the Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, a club for fans of the science fiction and fantasy genres. We are your connection to the SF/F community, local, national and international. We have been active since 1987. What Are We Into? Our areas of interest span the full spectrum of the SF/F universe: literature, movies, television, comics, gaming, art, animation, scale-model building, costuming, memorabilia collecting, film/video production and more!


The next club meeting is this Sunday, August 27, and will feature another edition of Sunday Sci-Fi Cinema Matinée. In honour of the premiere, later in the meeting, of the club’s animated short film, which features paper cut-out stop-motion dinosaurs, we’ll be showcasing dinosaur movies!

The Matinée begins at noon! MonSFFen present will be asked to vote for their favourite of five vintage dinosaur movies; the movie garnering the most votes will be the one we review!

Here are the five dinosaur movies we’ve listed for your consideration:

                      WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH (1970)A prehistoric adventure pitting tribes of cave people against both each other, and a number of dinosaurs! Apes the success of the 1966 Raquel Welsh vehicle One Million Years, B.C. and features quality stop-motion dinosaurs animated by Jim Danforth.



Classic schlock! A prehistoric world is found to have survived into modern times at the bottom of a deep crater in Antarctica!  Originally to be shot in colour,    the ambitious production spent so much money on a full-scale animatronic Elasmosaurus that they overshot their budget and in the end, could only afford to shoot in black and white! The movie’s “terrifying” T-Rex is clumsily portrayed by a technician in a rubber suit!



A perfectly preserved Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus are uncovered by a construction crew on a Caribbean island, then reanimated by a lightning strike! The dinosaurs endanger the local populace while a caveman similarly revived befriends a local orphan boy, the two of them getting into all manner of mischief. Proceedings culminate in an exciting duel between the Tyrannosaurus and a skip shovel! Stop-motion powers the film’s dinosaur stars through more than an hour of B-movie action and silliness.




You may recognize star Doug McClure from such movies as Terror in the Sky, Satan’s Triangle, and Humanoids from the Deep! Here, he’s taken aboard a WWI German submarine that discovers the mysterious island of Caprona, an unknown land where several eras of the Earth’s prehistoric evolution co-exist and survival proves a dicey challenge! Based on the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure novel.



A rollicking adventure pitting cowboys against dinosaurs and showcasing the superior stop-motion animation of Ray Harryhausen, undisputed master of the craft! You’ll be astonished by the cowboys’ roping of the titular Allosaurus, a stunning visual effects achievement and the peak of first-rate dinosaur movie action prior to the advent of CGI many years later.


August 27 MonSFFA Meeting

August 27 Meeting

Times are approximate- we don’t know how long the movie chosen by members will last.

Noon:  SF Cinema Matinée, hosted by Keith

14:00h World Premiere of our stop motion project!

14:10 h  Forever and a Day: Living eternally, or at least for a much longer time than we do now is an old human dream. But would fulfilling it really be an unmitigated blessing? Presented by Sylvain St-Pierre

“Deployed” from FWA

16:00 The Future of Warfare: We talk about peace on earth, but it seems we don’t really expect it to happen. Indeed, from reading or watching SF, one expects warfare to go way beyond Earth. How will we fight in space ? Ships, armour, weapons? Planetary defence systems?  Presented by Mark Burakoff


How long to travel to Alpha Centauri?

In April 2016, Russian high-tech billionaire Yuri Milner announced a new and ambitious initiative called Breakthrough Starshot, which intends to pour $100 million into proof-of-concept studies for an entirely new technology for star travel, aimed at unmanned space flight at 20% of light speed, with the goal of reaching the Alpha Centauri system – and, presumably, its newly discovered planet Proxima b – within 20 years. Is it possible?

I doubt it, but it’s an interesting read.  –cathypl

Click here to see designs of possible FTL space ships.

The Hugo ceremony at World Con 75

WC 75 : We are happy to report that we have 3319 final ballot voters for the 2017 Hugo Awards! The third highest ever!
Can’t make it to Helsinki? Watch the Hugo ceremony on Youtube.

Just remember, it will be on Friday in Helsinki, not the usual Saturday. Watch for it around noonish.

Worldcon 75 Hugo Administrator Nicholas Whyte says: “We do plan to livestream, but won’t be able to share the link until the day of the ceremony.”

At the Hugo Awards Web Site, Kevin Standlee has compiled the available information about 2017 Hugo Ceremony coverage:

WHEN: The 2017 Hugo Awards Ceremony begins Friday, August 11, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern European Summer Time (UTC+3)

WHERE: Messukeskus (Convention Center) Hall 1 in Helsinki, Finland.

VIDEO: Worldcon 75 Helsinki plans to offer live video streaming of the Hugo Awards ceremony via their YouTube channel.

TEXT: The Hugo Awards web site will offer text-based coverage of the Hugo Awards ceremony via CoverItLive. The hosts will be Kevin Standlee, Cheryl Morgan, and Susan de Guardiola. You can sign up at the CoverItLive event site for an e-mail notification before the event starts.