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Fanzine to download!

From George Philies:

The National Fantasy Fan,  Now in its 77th year of publication

Volume 77 Number 3 March 2018

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In this issue:

New Neffy Nominations Needed Now
New Bureaus and Zines
Fandom Introduction Bureau — Origin
Anime and Comics Bureau — Mangaverse
Tightbeam—Eldritch Science —N’APA
Club Activities
Treasury — Membership—Birthday Card Bureau
Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau—Fandom Introductory Bureau
Franking Service—Games Bureau—Round Robins
Recruiting Bureau—Video Scheduling Bureau—Welcommittee
Writers Exchange Bureau
Letters of Comment— Lloyd Penney
;N3F Founding Members: Henry Ackermann; Neglected Genre Authors: E Hoffmann Price
Cedar Reviews; Wars to End:, The D-Day Landing Has Failed
DragonCon Ad—Short Story Contest

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Ooooodles of zines to share!

Lots of fanzines arrived, several while I was away from my computer, so I have not had a chance myself to read them all.  The Kommandeur is new to me–a clubzine for AHIKS, which looks to be a club for gamers. It LOOKS good, but more than that I am not qualified to say.

Leybl Botwinik’s Cyber Cozen is WARP’s penpal. I was intrigued by his review of The Seven Sisters , AKA What Happened to Monday?.

Alexiad has reviews of books, conventions, movies, comics, as well as other news and articles.


CCOctober 2017-v02


Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-11

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-04

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-27






MT VOID 1981

Askew 21

Fanzines to share!

A round-up of zines sent to MonSFFA recently

BCSFAzine, From Felicity Walker who writes:

Hi everyone. Next issue is the January 2017 issue, so my “New Year’s” resolution is to go faster. 🙂

Vibrator 43 from Graham Charnock who writes:

Calling all Groovers of Fandom (yes, you). Your monthly Vibrator awaits you, attached to this very message. This month Curt Phillips secedes from the Confederacy, whilst Jim Mowatt trawls the dens of inniquity that were the Helnsinki Worldcon and reports back. Nice Farey predicts the outcome of the Floyd Mayweather fight (what you already knew the outcome?) And more, but not much more. Open it up and take a bath.

TNFF 2017-09 From George Phillies, who writes:

I attach the September 2017 issue of The National Fantasy Fan.  The latest issue of Tightbeam will follow in a few days.

And then:

Behold!  Tightbeam 280!
Show your support for our fan-eds!  Write letters of comment!

Note: The N3F e-mails out  several fanzines including our own WARP.



Fanzines to share

Two zines have arrived! Enjoy!

The National Fantasy Fan Federation APA
Issue 229

The official collator is George Phillies phillies@4liberty.net.

In this issue:
Front Cover …. Morris Scott Dollens
The Official Organ #229
Archive Midwinter for #229 Jefferson Swycaffer – 4 pages
The Silver State Age #6 Kevin Trainor – 2 pages
The Murdered Master Mage #12 George Phillies – 9 Pages
Synergy #7 John Thiel – 6 pages
Back Cover …. Morris Scott Dollens


The July TNFF
Volume 76, Number 7

In this issue:

Editor’s Notes
Our Zines Tightbeam — N’APA — TNFF
Welcommittee — Directorate — Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau
Recruiting — Member News — Round Robins
Treasury — Writers Exchange
Gourmet Bureau — Birthday Card Bureau
What Is ‘Legitimate’ in the 21st Century Publishing Environment
F. Marion Crawford — Jack Speer
RocketStackRank — June Novels

two zines for your reading pleasure

The Zine Dump 39, in which Guy Lillian reviews lots and lots of zines, including our own WARP 97.

Keith Braithewaite’s cover illo – from War of the Worlds – is frankly beautiful, an oddity for the subject matter. But not for Warp, the club genzine for MonSFFA, the Montreal group which also publishes a newszine, Impulse. (I only this minute figured out the titles joke.) Fine group and happy genzine … coming events (they’re busy up north), a Star Trek Voyager fanfic by Barbara Silverman, Sylvain St. Pierre’s smart, valuable piece on prepping for Helsinki (I am rotten with envy), reviews of SF films (missing Arrival, but including an unknown, Sunshine) and interestingly, the Hebrew novel Hizdamnut Shniya [People of the Circle: 2nd Chance], reviewed by Leybl Botwinik. The club photos that follow are particularly neat; no furries but some likable brothers and sisters of the garter. A page on a board game, War & Feast, illoed by Braithewaite ends things with a wowed jolt: I want to steal that werewolf illo.

February The National Fantasy Fan

I found the article on Marjorie Bowen interesting. She wrote over 150 books under various pen names. A hard life:

Bowen’s alcoholic father left the family at an early age and was eventually found dead on a London street. After this, Bowen’s writings were the chief financial support for her dysfunctional family. She was married twice: first, from 1912 to 1916, to a Sicilian named Zefferino Emilio Constanza, who died of tuber-culosis; they had two children, one of whom died in infancy. She then married Arthur L. Long, “finding with him the do-mestic tranquility she needed.” She and Long had two sons. She died of a cerebral hemorrhage from a fall at her home in Kensington.


Editorial: Article Order — Projects — Franking Bureau
Membership Recruitment — Eldritch Science — Your Project
Bureaus: Birthday Card Bureau — Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau
Games Bureau — Membership Recruitment
Round Robins — Welcommittee
Letters of Comment — John Thiel —Bruce Gillespie
N3F Founding Members: Dale Tarr
Neglected Genre Authors: Marjorie Bowen
Gourmet Page: Chicken with Dumplings
N3F Founding Members: Elmer Purdue
January Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels
2017 N3F Amateur Short Story Contest

More fanzines to share!

From Felicity Walker, comes BCSFAzine 519.  Taral Wayne wrote an interesting article on the history of The Enchanted Duplicator.

George Phillies  sends us a pairof N3F zines, and a review copy of  A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds.

In this issue (N’APA 226):
Cover Art…Our Fanthology Is with Us! Happy 75th Anniversary
The Official Organ #226 George Phillies – 1 page
Notes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away #7 Lorien Rivendell – 5 pages
The Murdered Master Mage #9 George Phillies – 4 pages
Synergy #4 John Thiel – 6 pages

In this issue (TNFF 2017 01)

A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds
2016 Short Story Contest Winners
Franson Award Winners
Kaymar Award
Franking Service — Needed: WordPress Expert
Video Report — Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau — Round Robins
Eldritch Science — Neglected Genre Writers
N3F Founding Members — Games Bureau — Writers Exchange Bureau
SF Magazines: Science-Fiction Plus
Welcommittee — Membership Recruitment — Treasurer’s Report
Letters of Comment — A Sea of Stars Back Cover
2017 N3F Amateur Short Story Contest

A Sea of Stars Like Diamonds is the 75 anniversary publication of the TNFF, It includes several short stories, winners of the 2016 contest.

Table of Contents
The N3F 75th Anniversary Volume…George Phillies
N3F Short Story Contest…the 2016 Winners…Jefferson Swycaffer
The Contributed Tales…George Phillies
N3F Non-Periodical Publications…Jon D. Swartz, Ph.D., N3F Historian
The Bazaar of Forbidden Dreams…Sean Gilhooley
The Last Ordeal of James Willoughby…Jeff Spitzer
Fabiana’s Fairy Godmother…Kristin Janz
Track Invasion…Deborah Rocheleau
The Rails That Bind…Sean Gilhooley
The Quarter Test…Angela Parson Myers
The Real World…Jeff Spitzer
Halloween Story…Angela Parson Myers
Victoria and the Peri…George Phillies
The Jewels in the Desert…Jefferson Swycaffer
Howard’s Dilemma…Kent McDaniel
Inconceivable…George Phillies
About the National Fantasy Fan Federation