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March Impulse is on line

The March 2017 edition of Impulse is now available on line. Our thanks to Impulse editor,  Keith Braithwaite!

One quick update: There are two suggestions for the May field trip. In Impulse, read about the trip to the Ecomuseum in Ste-Anne de Bellevue.

The CSI Investigation at the Science Museum, Old Port was suggested at the February meeting.

Can You Crack the Case?

You enter a crime scene, and you must lead the investigation. Based on the hit American series, CSI: The Experience is an adventure into the world of criminalistics. Record evidence, compare it to what real investigators have collected, and pursue your investigation at the crime lab with the help of forensic medicine. Solve the crime in this highly interactive investigation by comparing tire tracks, performing blood spatter and DNA analysis, and learning about forensic anthropology and toxicology.

We could start with the 3D movie on humpback whales at 10 AM, (Star Trek, connection!)


Impulse for August now on line

The August edition of Impulse is now on line.  Thank you Keith!

Our August meeting is traditionally our “fan-craft” day, and we hope you will come bearing samples of your SF/F related hobbies.

I will be giving a crash course on how to use our website, with a hand-on workshop for those interested in becoming contributors.

Keith will be speaking on copyright legislation, and how the fall out from the Axanar case will impact  fanfic & films. This case has shaken a lot of nuts out of the trees, take a look: http://axamonitor.com/doku.php?id=start

Sylvain will give a presentation on the field trip to the Sfarfleet Academy. Apparently, there are some neat little videos which were e-mailed to participants after the trip, and these will be shown.

Food–The theme for the snack table is alien food! It doesn’t have to look appetizing, but it does have to be edible!! 😉


MonSFFA Meets May 15th

If you were baffled by the dinosaur quiz, you are not alone! The answers appear in this month’s Impulse now available on line. Thanks, Keith Braithwaite! Please check if your membership is up to date–quite a few are due this month.

MEETING THEME: Bring in a favourite genre-themed board or card game to share with your fellow MonSFFen!


CITIES OF DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: From Metropolis, The Emerald City, Kandor, and Trantor, to Diaspor, Stratos, Coruscant, and King’s Landing, we explore the cities of SF/F depicted in our favourite genre stories of page and screen. How prophetic were past prognosticators in foreseeing urban life in a future that has become our present? And what will the cities of our future look like?

DO WE VIEW THE GOLDEN AGE THROUGH ROSE-TINTED GLASSES?: Open discussion on the topic of the memorable sci-fi books, comics, and screen adventures of our youth. Were they really that good? Is our nostalgic fondness for them justified? Do they still hold up, or now seem quaint and pedestrian?

MID-MEETING BREAK: Fund-raising raffle; brief discussion of club-related business.  We have free movie passes reserved for our members, last chance to claim a place.

THE GAME IS AFOOT!: Talk and demonstrations of your favourite SF/F-themed board and card games.

And while the games play on, Keith and François will be filming more of our stop motion project.

Supper will probably be at the 3 Brasseurs on Ste-Catherine, unless the weather is so nice we choose to mosey on down to La Cage at the Bell Centre.  Or maybe to the Belle et la Boeuf…. we’ll take a  vote!


IMPULSE for September 2015

Click here to view IMPULSE for September 2015

Please note that the schedule for the meeting on the 20th has been moved up a half hour; Logan’s Run will now start at 11:00 AM. This change is made because we will have GUEST SPEAKERS from the RASC MONTREAL CENTRE:  Bill Strople and David Shuman.

David and Bill
David and Bill at Stellaphane with the Coranado.

Bill is an avid observer and collector of telescopes, new and antique. He will be bringing in a few of his favourites to demonstrate. Bring in your reflector, Bill will collimate it for you!

David is well-known to MonSFFA members as he has often come to speak to us about space exploration. An avid model builder and NASA follower, David is also an observer who once built his own telescope from scratch.  Weather permitting, he will be showing us the sun through his Coronado, a telescope made specifically for solar observing.