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Fanzines to share!

Oodles of fan zines have arrived while we were up to our eyeballs in boxes of books for the sale  Enjoy!

CyberCozen,  WARP’s  “penpal”  edited by Leybl Botwinik who writes:  We look forward to your comments,
and especially if someone would like to write content for a future issue.E-mail:leybl_botwinik@yahoo. com

BCSFAnzine edited by Felicity Walker. She’s a little behind, this is the January issue.

Vibrator 45 from Graham Charnock who wrote:

Well, it’s only a fanzine, not a President. No reason to be afraid. Or is there? This issue deals with death, degeneratiuon and the decay of the soul, so not for the faint at heart. But hey it also has a jolly feature by Nic Farey on the Las Vegas shooter. Open this attached pdf if you dare. Well, it’s all a bit of fun, isn’t it?

Purrsonal Mewsings is edited by R-Laurraine Tutihasi


MT VOID Issues 1982 through 1987 co-edited by Mark &  Evelyn Leeper

MT VOID 1982

MT VOID 1983

MT VOID 1984

MT VOID 1985

MT VOID 1986

MT VOID 1987

Revenge of Hump Day 10/25, 10/31, 11/08

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-25

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-31

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-11-08

Ooooodles of zines to share!

Lots of fanzines arrived, several while I was away from my computer, so I have not had a chance myself to read them all.  The Kommandeur is new to me–a clubzine for AHIKS, which looks to be a club for gamers. It LOOKS good, but more than that I am not qualified to say.

Leybl Botwinik’s Cyber Cozen is WARP’s penpal. I was intrigued by his review of The Seven Sisters , AKA What Happened to Monday?.

Alexiad has reviews of books, conventions, movies, comics, as well as other news and articles.


CCOctober 2017-v02


Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-11

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-04

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-27






MT VOID 1981

Askew 21

Fanzine to share!

Vibrator 44

Thanks as usual to Steve Stiles for bearing me in mind even during his arduous convalescence from major surgery and providing another ‘Marvy’ piece of cover art.

From Graham Charnock, editor of the Vibrator, who writes:

Fancy a little light reading with a faintly fishy aroma? Well here’s Vibrator 44 attached for you to download. Why not print it off, staple it u and pretend it came in the mail just like the old days. You remember the old days, don’t you? Oh well. Write me a loc and you too could become part of Vibrator flourishing fanzine community.

Your chum, Graham Charnock

Another fanzine to share

This one from the  National Fantasy Fan Federation

Editor George Phillies writes:

Behold our APA N’APA. Please consider joining. We can surely use more members.


In this issue:
Front Cover …. Found by John Thiel
The Official Organ #230
The Silver State Age #7 Kevin Trainor – 3 pages
The Murdered Master Mage #13 George Phillies – 4 Pages
Synergy #8 John Thiel – 8 pages
Archive Midwinter for #230 Jefferson Swycaffer – 3 pages
Back Cover …. Found by John Thiel

N’APA is the Amateur Press Alliance for members of the National Fantasy Fan Federation (N3F). As it is distributed in PDF format, there are no dues or postage fees. It is open to all members of the N3F. If there are members interested in joining who have no computer access, special arrangements may be possible. People who only want to read are welcome to ask to be added to the email list. Check with the official collator, who is George Phillies, 48 Hancock Hill Drive, Worcester MA 01609;; 508 754 1859; and on facebook.

Please do not submit PDF files of your contributions without prior discussion. I occasionally send a copy of N’APA to the accessible (email address needed) N3F membership, in the hope that some of them will join N’APA. Currently the frequency is every other month, with the deadline being on the fifteenth day of odd-numbered months. The mailing will normally be collated in due time, as the collator is retired. Publication has always been totally regular, though some readers question my interpretations of “always”, “totally”, and “regular”. N’APA has been in existence since 1959,
but has transitioned from being a paper APA to an electronic one.


Zines to share!

If you publish on blogs, websites, Facebook, etc., a good closing line is always “Like SF? I belong to the N3F and you should, too.” not to mention “N3F? Public memberships are free.”

Leading people to Fanac is good. Our wonderful Welcommittee does its share, but more voices in this direction would be positive. Speaking up (e.g., Letters of Comment) for activities you would like to see, and do not, would be positive.

George Phillies
President, N3F

George sends us copies of two zines this week–Mt Void and Revenge of Hump Day. He also passes on copies of our own WARP, which is much appreciated by yours truly!  –CPL

MT VOID 1979

MT VOID 1980

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-06

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-13

And another Zine to share!

Never fails–as soon as I post a collection of trade zines, another arrives! 🙂

Here is CyberCozen from our “^penpal” Lebyl in Israel who writes:

+ a New Year’s Greeting, and a reminder of the upcoming ICON fest in Tel aviv, Oct 8-10:



Fanzines to share!

A round-up of zines sent to MonSFFA recently

BCSFAzine, From Felicity Walker who writes:

Hi everyone. Next issue is the January 2017 issue, so my “New Year’s” resolution is to go faster. 🙂

Vibrator 43 from Graham Charnock who writes:

Calling all Groovers of Fandom (yes, you). Your monthly Vibrator awaits you, attached to this very message. This month Curt Phillips secedes from the Confederacy, whilst Jim Mowatt trawls the dens of inniquity that were the Helnsinki Worldcon and reports back. Nice Farey predicts the outcome of the Floyd Mayweather fight (what you already knew the outcome?) And more, but not much more. Open it up and take a bath.

TNFF 2017-09 From George Phillies, who writes:

I attach the September 2017 issue of The National Fantasy Fan.  The latest issue of Tightbeam will follow in a few days.

And then:

Behold!  Tightbeam 280!
Show your support for our fan-eds!  Write letters of comment!

Note: The N3F e-mails out  several fanzines including our own WARP.