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Book sale aftermath

I want to thank everyone who showed up yesterday for the book Dragon and Robot copysale, especially those who set up and later put away the tables and those who donated to the cause either with books or with purchases.

We raised about 300$, which for us is a lot. Even better, we have some new members!

A huge thank you to the Hotel Espresso and Lucio in particular for his help in making this work for us.

Today: Sci-Fi / Fantasy Book sale!

From noon to 4:00PM, Grand Salon of the Espresso Hotel, 1005 rue Guy, several hundred books at incredibly low prices! http://www.monsffa.ca/

Robot reads

  • Paperbacks: 50¢ each, 3 for $1.00, 7 for $2.00!
  • Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers: $2.00-$3.00 each
  • Big Bulk Bargain!: $10.00 for a whole big box full of books!
  • Magazines and Comics: 10¢ each
  • Select Specialty Books: as marked


Meeting on June 12th- More than the book sale!

  • Book sale starts at noon
  • Stop motion filming
  •  Zombies vs Vampires vs Werewolves card game
  • Discussion panel

Our Annual second hand book sale!

Book sale 2
2015 Edition

Donations of gently used genre books are gratefully accepted, as long as they arrive before noon.  Set up will run between 10 AM and NOON.  As usual, volunteers who help set up get first choice of the books. Prices run from 3 for a dollar for mass market pocket books, to 3$ for hardcover. The sale begins at NOON.

Stop Motion HeadingStop Motion Film Project

If we can work some logistics magic, we will be able to watch François film another segment of our stop motion film project.

Zombies vs Vampires vs Werewolves card game

Keith has done some more work on the WAR AND FEAST card game. so we get another chance at conquering the world!!

Discussion Panel

Some interesting topics have been suggested–We might vote, or we might pick one out of a hat.  Or Kieth might come up with a new one on the spot!

SF/F Book Sale June 12

Ooops! Mistake on that date in the headline as originally posted! It should have read June “12”, not “22”. Sorry for the error. It has now been corrected (as you can see), so take note, our book sale is on Sunday, June 12, not Wednesday, June 22.
This is the third sequel to our original Super Sci-Fi Book Sale! Open to the Public! Bring a Friend! Buy Your Beach Books for Summer!

Sunday, June 12, 2016; 12:00PM-4:00PM
Hôtel Espresso (2nd Floor, St-François Room)
1005 rue Guy, corner Boul. René-Lévesque
(Metro Guy/Concordia or Lucien L’Allier)

Book sale 2

Paperbacks: 50¢ each, 3 for S1.00, 7 for $2.00!
Trade Paperbacks: $2.00 each
Hardcovers: $3.00 each

Big Bulk Bargains: $10.00/Box
Open to the Public! Bring a Friend! Buy Your Beach Books for Summer! Piles of Paperbacks From Which to Choose!

Sunday, June 12, 2016; 12:00PM-4:00PM
Hôtel Espresso (2nd Floor, St-François Room)
1005 rue Guy, corner Boul. René-Lévesque
(Metro Guy/Concordia or Lucien L’Allier)

Gently used genre books gratefully accepted. Please bring your donations to our meeting room before noon.

Here’s a PDF of our advertisement; download, print out a few, and post ’em at your office, school, etc.


Local Sensors Detect…

  • Aurora Awards Package is now available to members
  • West Island used book sale (2$ a book)
  • Steampunk Radio
dragon reads ebook final merged
I’ve downloaded my voter’s package! Have you?

Aurora Awards Package is now available to members: This is one very good reason to join CSFFA. For 10$, you get access to all the works nominated.  Two members of MonSFFA are on the short list, Keith Braithwaite for his cover of WARP 93, and Cathy Palmer-Lister for WARPs 90 to 93.   http://www.monsffa.ca/?p=2837 to learn more.

Biographies of nominees can be found here.  Works available, and the download page, can be found from the Join/Nominate/Vote menu list on CSFFS website: www.prixaurorawards.ca.  A list of what is in this year’s voter package can be found online HERE.
Voter Package download can be accessed from HERE.  (You will only see the download links at the bottom if you have a paid CSFFA membership and are logged into your account.)
Full details about the voter package can be found here too. Once you have logged into your account go to this page and click the download category you are interested in at the bottom of the page. It will automatically transfer the zip file to your computer’s download directory.

West Island used book sale (2$ a book) at the Sacred Caulron: BOOK SALE on Saturday April 30th at the Sacred Cauldron from noon to 4:30 pm followed a Beltane Public Ritual at 7pm.  All welcome!

Great Big Book Sale Saturday April 30th, noon to 4:30 pm 2nd hand book sale. Many books on magick, healing, Pagan fiction, and so on available. $2 a book. Come and explore!

Steampunk Radio: Steampunk is a genre of creativity that has always enthralled me.  I love the merger of ancient and future, and all of the possibilities that lie within the mixture of the two.  My tastes in music and art have always angled toward the darker genres of music and bands, so I love that steampunk bands tend to gravitate towards similar emotions.  I wanted to make a site dedicated to exploring some of the best bands and composers creating music within the Steamapunk Scene.

Listen to our free Radio at anytime http://www.steampunkradio.com/index.html


New content for MonSFFA members

MonSFFA 2015.05.31-12sNew content has been added to the members’  pages. Click the members’ tab above to reveal links to video recorded at the Belle et la Boeuf, Random photos of the meeting of May 31st, and more from Sylvain regarding his presentation on “Those Early Futures”.

hose Early Futures-01:  Travelling House, from the "En l'an 200" card series (1899), by Jean-Marc Côté
Those Early Futures-01: Travelling House, from the “En l’an 200” card series (1899), by Jean-Marc Côté

If you are a member, you should have received the password by e-mail. If you didn’t there is a contact form you can access from the tab.


May 31st Meeting

Book sale 2May 31st meeting starts EARLY–we begin setting up the book sale at 10 AM, and sales begin by noon. Volunteers get first crack at the books. Also, if you have a few items you would like to sell or auction, bring them in, too. We’ll be glad to help you de-clutter for a small cut of the profits, 😉

Check our photo galleries for images of previous book sales.

Scroll down a bit for details regarding the book sale.

Click here, for details regarding the rest of the meeting day which is open to the public. Bring your friends!  We will be discussing Glen Larson and there will be a presentation on some of the wilder predictions of the future.


May 31 Meeting

Book & Garage Sale, starts at noon  Prices for books start at 3 paperbacks for a dollar, special deals on series and bulk purchases.

Book sale 2

Also, a chance to de-clutter your home — bring in SFF stuff you would like to see off to a good home. Set a price, or silent auction, make  some money to buy more books…. 

flying carThose Early Futures, Sylvain St-Pierre & Danny Sichel:  We know that predictions about future living are often off the mark, but that is to be expected and should not be judged too harshly. Still some of the earliest forecasts were REALLY weird by our standards.

Tribute to Glen Larson: A discussion of Glen Larson’s works Battlestar(Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Magnum, P.I., etc)  and his legacy, moderated by Keith Braithwaite.

There is a nice audio tribute here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcpBuuAZgf0

Charges of plagiarism have been made against him, justified or not? For a less than glowing review of Larson’s work, click https://www.sfsite.com/gary/lars01.htm

Meeting recap, some news of interest to members

April 26 Meeting

Early birds arriving around 11 O’clock were entertained by a series of clips compiled by Sylvain st-Pierre: ATTACK OF THE SPONSORS FROM MARS. These often hilarious TV adverts were mostly new to us.

Giant antThe SF Cinema Matinée, hosted by Keith Braithwaite, featured BUGS. Five movie titles were on offer, the winner was THEM!. The audience was impressed especially by the strong  dialogue and reasonably sound science. It holds up well.

Paleo Art,Archaeopteryx again presented by Keith Braithwaite, Jurassic Art–Painting the Prehistoric Past, proved very interesting especially as he showed the evolution of our interpretation of the fossils.

News: Danny Sichel gave a brief presentation on The SCP Foundation and also advised us of a sale of used library books. The sale is Saturday, second of May, to Sunday 10th of May, from 13h to 19, at  l’Aréna Etienne-Desmarteau, 3430, rue de Bellechasse. Bring lots of bags–apparently the entire floor of the arena is packed with books discarded from several Montreal libraries. almost 11 thousand books and magazines in fact, and every day books are added to replace those sold. WEBSITE with map, pictures, poster.

 computer-condomSwimming with Cyber Sharks–-Tips on Protecting Your Computer From Attack:  Steven Janssen gave an interesting presentation on protecting our computers. The main lesson learned was to create strong Pa$$Words. Common phishing tactics and frauds were also discussed.

Supper was at La Cage, where we were bombarded by noise as the restaurant was packed to the rafters with hockey fans. Ah, well, at least we got seats, and service was reasonably quick in spite of the crowd.