The Making of the MonSFFA stop motion film, Part 2

The Sound Effects

Sound effects for our stop motion project were recorded at our April 9th meeting. Photos and film appear below, and members will find more photos to download from the members’ only section of our website.

Producer Keith Braithwaite began by screening a brief primer he had prepared on the art of what is called Foley, that is, the creation of specific sound effects tailored to a film or television show. The process is named for its inventor, Jack Foley.
Keith then showed the group how he had “scored” our short film
by cutting and blending together snippets of royalty-free music
downloaded via Creative Commons, before he and François Ménard set up a makeshift recording studio to capture the sound effects needed to complete our project.
    Various MonSFFen sat before the microphone to mimic a variety of dinosaur grunts and bellows, which Keith then ran through sound processing software, altering pitch, tempo, or speed to arrive at a series of nifty “voices” for our dinosaur characters. A bath towel was manipulated to create the sound of the Pterodactyl’s wings flapping.
Strips of cut-up newspaper were bunched together, mop-like, and
gently agitated to simulate the sound of jungle foliage rustling,
and a pair of paper cups “walked” through a Tupperware container
of dry macaroni feigned the sound of our dinosaurs’ footsteps.
Keith closed the afternoon with a quick demonstration on
inserting the various sound clips into the film’s soundtrack.


Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association