Our Stop Motion Film Project

Subtitle:  When Keith met François!

It was inevitable that François, who has made some stop motion films, and Keith, who is a huge fan of Ray Harryhausen, would eventually conspire to engage MonSFFen in an ambitious film project.

Title pageYou can read Keith’s first ideas on how we would proceed here.

The storyboard for the demise of the dinosaurs is here. 

Keith’s report of the first flight of the Pterodactyl (which is not strictly speaking a dinosaur) can be found here.

And do have a look at our “making of” photo galleries, Part 1 showing the construction of the sets and puppets,  and Part 2. showing how we made the sound effects.

We also did a lot of research, which you can enjoy here.  Our members may also browse the dinosaur photos uploaded to our members only pages.

Click here to view the finished product!

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