About WARP

WARP is MonSFFA’s official fanzine.

An amalgam of word-processed and typewritten articles, photocopied photographs and line illustrations, these physically cut-and-pasted into page layouts with KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAscissors and Scotch tape or glue, the first issue of WARP was released in October of 1988 sporting the title banner “WARP 10”, the “10” referring not to the issue number, but to the month of publication. This month-of-publication numbering system proved confusing, however, when the January 1989 issue was published as “WARP 1”, seemingly the ’zine’s first issue but, if one were to read the fine print, in fact, its fourth. With the 20th edition, boasting the ’zine’s first full-colour cover, WARP discarded this approach and began designating issues according to their chronological publication number.

From its inception, the fanzine has and continues to provide, to this day, an avenue for the publication of MonSFFA club members’ SF/F writing—fan fiction, book and movie reviews, feature articles and opinion pieces—as well as their artwork and photography. Over its more than 25-year history, WARP has profited from the exceptional quality of these submissions and established a reputation as a first-rate, multiple-award-winning Canadian sci-fi clubzine.

WARP was initially envisioned as a monthly in order that it might promote each immediately upcoming of MonSFFA’s regular monthly meetings. Like most amateur press ventures—labours of love, all of them—the production of WARP relied on free, or at the very least, inexpensive photocopying, usually through the grace of one club member or another’s access to his or her office photocopier! The ’zine struggled almost from the beginning to maintain this ambitious publication schedule. At times during the early going, it published only sporadically, these periods nearly always related to the scarce availability of discounted photocopying services. Eventually, WARP readjusted to roughly six issues annually before subsequently settling into a fairly stable quarterly release schedule. As with most amateur press projects, maintaining a regular publication schedule is an uphill battle. But Warp has persevered, and as desktop publishing software advanced, layout quality improved, and WARP is, today, a polished, full-colour, publication, a subscription for which is one of the principal benefits of membership in MonSFFA. The ’zine is now available, too, in PDF format and recently put out its 90ieth issue!

Both of MonSFFA’s publications, incidentally, are named after the starship Enterprise’s propulsion systems, the full-sized fanzine for the FTL drive, the smaller, one-sheet newsletter for the sub-light engine. These monikers were chosen to honour MonSFFA’s origins as a Star Trek fan club; before club members voted to expand the organization’s scope to include the greater oeuvre of all science fiction and fantasy, MonSFFA was MonSTA, the Montreal Star Trek Association.

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