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Corflu in Toronto next year

Corflu 35 will be held in downtown Toronto, Canada, hosted by Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz.

Date and hotel to be announced, but early May 2018 is the tentative date.

More details soon.

Attending: $100 (CDN) $75 (US), £60 (UK)
These rates apply until 31 May 2017 and may change after that.
Supporting: $25 (CDN) $20 (US), £15 (UK)
These rates are good until the convention.

Attending membership is inclusive of the Sunday brunch banquet.

What is Corflu?

Corflu is a small, annual convention of science fiction fanzine fans. Other conventions with a strong fanzine aspect are held across the US, Australia, and the UK, but Corflu is now the only one which keeps fanzines as its primary focus. Corflu typically moves its venue from year to year. The name “Corflu” is derived from CORrection FLUid, a substance that allowed typing errors in mimeograph stencils to be corrected, which was in much demand during the low-tech, pre-computer days of fanzine publishing.

THE-VCON-VANGUARD #3 February 2016

THE-VCON-VANGUARD #3 February 2016


I delayed sending this out till new VCON website, link to hotel booking & link to buying memberships ready. All three in zine.

Cheers! Graeme

VCON is Canada’s oldest ongoing science fiction and fantasy convention. The first VCON was held in 1971 at the Hotel Georgia with Ursula K. Le Guin as Guest of Honour. The upcoming VCON will be our 41st!
The theme of VCON in 2016 is “Muppets, Puppets, and Marionettes” which includes everything from giant puppets to stop motion models to Supermarionation. Expect panels and lectures on these and many other SF&F topics, plus demos, workshops, and numerous audience-participation live action games like “Human Battleship” and “Fan Feud.” A mid-sized SF&F convention run by fans for fans, we average 700 to 800 attendees.
The secondary theme is “The Small Press Cabal” which will celebrate independent Small Press Canadian Book and Magazine publishers who have created the environment for a veritable renaissance of Canadian SpecFic. Participating professionals will include publishers, editors, authors, artists and poets.

Congrès Boréal May 8-10

Boreal 2Congrès Boréal is at the Espresso hotel this weekend.

GoH are: Natasha Beaulieu, Patrice Cazeault, Sébastien Chartrand, Esther Rochon, Patrick Senécal, Jo Walton

Panellists include a veritable who’s who of Québec authors, editors, artists, and publishers.

The Aurora Award for best novel written in French is awarded in conjunction with the Prix Boréal.

The following events are FREE:

Vendredi : ouverture en soirée à la Maison des écrivains de l’UNEQ (3492, avenue Laval) de 18 h 30 à 21 h

 Samedi : lecture de Sébastien Chartrand (salle Gatineau, hôtel Espresso, 1005, rue Guy) de 11 h à 12 h (avec le soutien de l’UNEQ)

Concours de la meilleure formule (salle Saint-François, hôtel Espresso, 1005, rue Guy) de 13 h à 14 h (dans le cadre des 24 heures de science)

Lecture d’Esther Rochon (salle Nicolet, hôtel Espresso, 1005, rue Guy) de 19 h à 20 h (avec le soutien de l’UNEQ)

Dimanche : lecture de Natasha Beaulieu (salle Gatineau), hôtel Espresso, 1005, rue Guy) de 11 h à 12 h (avec le soutien de l’UNEQ)

Nota Bene : Les activités en accès libre ne donnent pas accès au reste du congrès.