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Local Sensors Detect…

  1. Fanzine to share: Ionishere
  2. ISS over Montreal tonight
  3. CSA proposes Solar Sail
  4.  Awards: Copper Cylinder, Past Words
  5. Go-Fund-Me appeals
  6. Discovery, reviews
  1. Fanzine to share: Ionishere Three Pro Interviews, with Jay O’Connell, Dave Creek and Jay Werkheiser One Fan Interview, with Steve Fahnestalk, poetry, art IO is compiled, assembled and edited by John Thiel

2 ISS over Montreal tonight

Time: Tue Sep 26 8:38 PM, Visible: 2 min, Max Height: 45°, Appears: 10° above WSW, Disappears: 45° above SW

The ISS is very bright, easily visible even in light polluted urban areas.

Artist’s conception of Deep Space Gateway with solar sail

3 CSA proposes Solar Sail : A Canadian Space Agency proposal would place a solar sail on the outside of the Deep Space Gateway in lunar orbit.  Harnessing the slight pressure of solar radiation, a super-thin reflective film might help steer the Deep Space Gateway, or DSG, which is being designed by five space agencies to succeed the International Space Station.  READ MORE  (Thanks to MonSFFan Alexis Despand for pointing us to this story.)

4 Awards: Copper Cylinder, Past Words: The Sunburst Award Society’s “Copper Cylinder Award” is an annual members’ choice award. It takes its name from the novel A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder, by James De Mille (1833-1880), which is considered to be the first Canadian science fiction novel. The winners receive a unique, handcrafted, copper cylinder trophy.  2017 Winners are Company Town by Madeline Ashby [Tor Books] and The Skids by Ian Donald Keeling. [ChiTeen]  http://coppercylinderaward.ca/2017-winners

Past Words: The Historical Writers of America (HWA), an organization for all historical writers, fiction and nonfiction, presented the initial set of PastWords awards at a banquet in New Mexico on September 23. Melinda Snodgrass was the awards banquet’s keynote speaker.

HWA created the PastWords to recognize creators who have produced an outstanding body of work. The 2017 winners include Fantasy writer George R.R. Martin who accepted the award in person.  He wrote: It’s kind of cool to learn that even writers of honest to god real historical fiction and non-fiction enjoy my own fake histories.

5 Go-Fund-Me appeals: 2 well-known and respected fans have launched Go-Fund-Me appeals.

Guy Lillian is appealing for help to support his wife Rosie’s legal costs. She is being denied the inheritance from her mother despite the stated wishes of her mother and an agreement made at a legal deposition in December, 2016. The inheritance includes paintings by Frank Kelly Freas, a long-time personal friend. https://www.gofundme.com/save-rosys-inheritance?

Pierre Pettinger’s father died recently due to a house fire, and Pierre has set up a Gofundme campaign to help cover the funeral expenses — Pierre Pettinger [Sr.] Funeral Fund. Fans know of Pierre and Sandy Pettinger from their masquerade appearances.Pierre is Archivist for the International Costumers Guild, and both are fan GoH at Westercon 76.

6 Discovery:  reviews are everywhere! Everyone’s got an opinion, pro or con the new Star Trek Series.  A Google search will bring up enough articles to keep a fan busy to the end of the TV show’s season.  MonSFFA’s facebook group is asking for YOUR thoughts on the new series.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/3668900441/

Fanzine to share!

From the National Fantasy Fan Federation which claims to be “The oldest international Science Fiction and Fantasy fan club on planet Earth.”  Could be–the club started in April of 1941!

Click to Download TNFF201703

Directorate—Treasurer—Kaymar Award
Eldritch Science—Your Project
Membership Report—Birthday Bureau
Fan-Pro Coordinating Committee—Franking Bureau
Games Bureau—Membership Recruitment
Round Robins—Writers Exchange Bureau
Letters of Comment
Neglected Genre Authors: D. K. Broster
N3F Founding Members: Jack Gillespie
Give and Take
February SF Novels
Short Story Contest

Probe: Fanzine from South Africa

Good news! We have reconnected with the Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa. We used to trade paper copies back in the days when we could afford postage.  🙂

This issue has a fabulous cover entitled “Are we there, yet?”

Download Probe 111








Established in 1969 and based in Johannesburg, Science Fiction & Fantasy South Africa (SFFSA) is a club for fans of both science fiction and fantasy.

More information about this club can be found here:

Twitter address: – http://twitter.com/SciFiZa
Facebook address:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/SFFSA/

Fanzine to share

Miss R-Laurraine Tutihasi has sent us her per/gen zine, Purrsonal Mewsings 56.

Table of Contents

Editorial / Introduction—p. 2
Local Outings—REVIEWS OF  George Takei’s Allegiance, Rogue One, Fiddler on the Roof, Celestial Concert (a combination of music and astronomy.) and  Hidden Figures.
My Trip to Hawaii—p. 3
Kritter Korner—p. 6
Book Reviews—p. 7 The Fifth Season, by N. K. Jemisin, Simon Bloom, the Gravity Keeper, by Michael Reisman, Mark Twain’s Letters from Hawaii, by Mark Twain
StippleAPA—p. 7
Letters—p. 9
Closing Remarks—p. 12

International Connection: CyberCozin

Cathy, Danny, René, and Nathaniel, Leybl is behind the camera

When Leybl Botwinik, the editor of CyberCozin, Israel’s longest running fanzine, contacted MonSFFA asking for a meet-up in October, I jumped to the occasion. His visit to Canada just missed our October meeting, and since he was in Canada to meet with family during the Jewish High Holy Days, finding a date and Kosher restaurant proved awkward indeed. In the end, only 3 of us were able to meet Leybl and his son, Nathaniel, at Chez Benny. While there are many restaurants serving Kosher food, there are very few Kosher restaurants! And of course, those are all closed on Saturdays…   There’s a gap between what I know, and what I KNOW.

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable meeting.  I meant to write it up for WARP, but as it happened, we didn’t have enough material to publish an autumn edition. Leybl wrote an excellent article for CyberCozin, which you will find in his December issue.

We agreed to keep in touch, and hopefully trade articles for our respective zines. If Leybl agrees, I’m thinking his review of our meeting would be a fun way to start our collaboration!

Nathaniel gave me a copy of his book which I will bring to our next meeting.









THE-VCON-VANGUARD #3 February 2016

THE-VCON-VANGUARD #3 February 2016


I delayed sending this out till new VCON website, link to hotel booking & link to buying memberships ready. All three in zine.

Cheers! Graeme

VCON is Canada’s oldest ongoing science fiction and fantasy convention. The first VCON was held in 1971 at the Hotel Georgia with Ursula K. Le Guin as Guest of Honour. The upcoming VCON will be our 41st!
The theme of VCON in 2016 is “Muppets, Puppets, and Marionettes” which includes everything from giant puppets to stop motion models to Supermarionation. Expect panels and lectures on these and many other SF&F topics, plus demos, workshops, and numerous audience-participation live action games like “Human Battleship” and “Fan Feud.” A mid-sized SF&F convention run by fans for fans, we average 700 to 800 attendees.
The secondary theme is “The Small Press Cabal” which will celebrate independent Small Press Canadian Book and Magazine publishers who have created the environment for a veritable renaissance of Canadian SpecFic. Participating professionals will include publishers, editors, authors, artists and poets.

OBIR #4 is published

R. Graeme Cameron has a different kind of TARDIS. His has more time on the inside than on the outside.  In this issue of OBIR he attempts an explanation of how this works. I have my doubts. –CPL

Download issue #4 of OBIR.

Issue # 4 has 40 reviews, including the three novels ‘The Black Bottle Man,’ ‘Goddess Gambit,’ and ‘Signal to Noise.’ Also an interview with ‘The Graeme’ by Lynda Williams, an essay on the H.P. Lovecraft controversy, and two guest reviews by Gregg Chamberlain.

Plus an announcement on plans to start up a semi-pro SF fiction zine which will pay 1 cent a word for stories 3,000 words or less. See POLAR YITES! Magazine for info.

New Fanzine Promotes VCon 41

From R. Graeme Cameron

Greetings all!

In an unguarded moment I agreed to be Chair of VCON 41 come October 2016. I am determined that all attendees (including pros) have a heck of a good time, great fun for all. Don’t see any point to holding it otherwise.

This is the first of a series of monthly fanzines wherein I promote VCON 41 in the spirit I intend it to be. Hope you find it of interest.

Cheers! R. Graeme Cameron (The fool who dared to be Chair)

Download pdf