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Fannish food & drink?

A couple of odd stories picked up from File 770

Not sure about trying to eat some of those cakes, but the wine bottle is CUTE!!  –Cathy

GAME OF THRONES CAKE UPSMANSHIP. A lot of people run photos on Reddit bragging about their Game of Thrones themed cakes. Click through and judge for yourself whose is the mightiest.

TOAST OF TRANSYLVANIA. Dracula said, “I never drink…wine,” but maybe you do? Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon in a bottle with a cape – is that cute, or what?

Full-bodied with Blackberry and Dark Cherry aromas, with just the right amount of Oak flavors leading to a lingering finish. Classic, small-lot fermentations, followed by aging with Oak, gives full expression to the rich varietal flavors in this wine.


Local firm works on Game of Thrones


JOHN MAHONEY These 3D-printed stallions helped Sébastien Moreau’s company, Rodeo FX, create effects for the television show Game of Thrones.

The final episode of the most recent season of Game of Thrones ends with a dragon destroying a location that has played a major role in the plot of the popular TV show.

Behind the scenes, making the destruction look real, was Montreal-based Rodeo FX.

The company has been working on visual effects for Game of Thrones for four years — creating and destroying cities; making dragons breathe fire and oceans boil; and bringing thousands of extras to life through digital effects. For three years in a row, it’s won Emmy Awards for its work on the show.

While Game of Thrones isn’t in the running for any Emmys this year — the seventh season premièred too late in the year — Rodeo FX is nominated for its work on another show, Black Sails.

“Visual effects are becoming more and more important in the film industry and TV industry, the budgets are growing,” said Sébastien Moreau, the company’s founder and president.

At any given time, the company is working on between six and 10 projects, many of them major Hollywood films. The studio recently spent two years working on Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which came out in July. It also worked on an adaptation of Stephen King ’s It, which comes out in September, and the upcoming Blade Runner 2049, directed by Quebecer Denis Villeneuve.

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Trailers: GoT, Valerian, Spiderman

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres 7.16.17 on HBO

Luc Besson’s new film arrives in theatres July 21.

VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS is the visually spectacular new adventure film from Luc Besson, the legendary director of The Professional, The Fifth Element and Lucy, based on the ground-breaking comic book series which inspired a generation of artists, writers and filmmakers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Trailer 3

Next mission: figuring out how all web shooter combinations work. Watch the new “Spider-Man: Homecoming” trailer now – in theatres July 7. ► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO3YJ

GAME OF THRONES producers confirm fewer than 15 episodes left

Posted on the Wertzone, June 28


GAME OF THRONES producers confirm fewer than 15 episodes left

Game of Thrones producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss have confirmed that there are, at best, 15 episodes of the series left, and possibly as few as 13.

Benioff and Weiss have been talking for a while now about ending the series with two shortened seasons, with a clear preference for a seventh season next year of seven episodes and then a final season in 2018 with six episodes. This would allow them to focus and concentrate more resources, finances and filming time on the events of these episodes, which are expected to be huge in scale and scope. HBO’s preference appears to be for at least two full 10-episode seasons and clearly discussions have been going on for some time over a solution. Last month HBO renewed Game of Thrones for a seventh season, but not an eighth, leading to speculation that perhaps they were even discussing a larger-than-normal seventh season, perhaps airing later in the year to conclude the series in one go. However, this seemed unlikely as HBO would prefer two event seasons in two subsequent financial years, especially as they don’t have a new series on the drawing board likely to replace Game of Thrones in the zeitgeist.

HBO has yet to officially comment on how many episodes will be in the seventh season. With that writing of the scripts for the seventh season already complete and filming due to start in a couple of weeks, this will have been finalised some time ago, so it’s just a question of when they want to confirm it.

FanFilms & Fanfiction: Paramount vs Axanar, Game of Thrones

Paramount dropped its lawsuit against  Alec Peters, maker of the Axanar fan films. But Ananar is not quite out of the woods yet, and Paramount is creating a fan film guide–something that should have been done years ago, but back then we all knew fan films did not hire professional actors to reprise their original roles, sell merchandise, tabletop games, their own convention, and so forth.

In response to a question asked by a fan at Balticon, George RR Martin agreed the televised series of his Game of Thrones is fan fiction. GRRM is known for his stance against fanfic–he told us at a WC panel I attended, “Don’t tell me about your fanfic because then I would have to sue you”. So, obvious question: How can HBO get away with it?

GRRM’s response:

Another in the Series of Game of Thrones Beer

The beer will not be distributed in Canada, sadly. If anyone out there from MonSFFandom happens to be in NY sometime soon, would you Kingdoms-Bottle-750mlplease pick me up a bottle?


Seven Kingdoms is a marriage of a traditional Belgian-style wheat and a hop-forward American ale – but unlike so many of the marriages on the show, the resulting hoppy wheat is pleasant, playful and inspired. At 6.9% ABV, it possesses a nuanced complexity that pairs nicely with the hop-forward characteristics that make it surprisingly refreshing.

The brewery,  Ommegang, is in Cooperstown, NY.