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Axanar: It’s settled!

Read the entire article, which is VERY interesting and has many ramifications for fandom here.

Table of Contents for the article on Axamonitor:

These are the bits I thought would most interest our membership, following the discussion we had at one of our meetings.

With its January 31, 2017, copyright infringement trial just 11 days away, Axanar producer Alec Peters settled with plaintiffs CBS and Paramount Pictures.

Sources connected to CBS told AxaMonitor that Peters is allowed under the settlement to make two 15-minute films that must adhere to the fan film guidelines announced by CBS in June 2016.

The settlement allowed Axanar to keep Prelude available on YouTube, commercial-free. It can also be exhibited at fan conventions, film festivals and non-commercial events. It cannot ever be shown at official Star Trek conventions.

So, bottom line:  Fan films are supposed to be made by fans!

MonSFFA’s Plant 9 and The Moxie Conspiracy now on line

The first MonSFFilm projects released were Ed Wood projects Plant 9 from Outer Space and the Fed-Ex Files: The Moxie Conspiracy.

They were made at the turn of t he century, and not up to later standards , but good fun was had by all who participated. Apparently, good fun was also had by our viewers as the tapes sold out! When Graham Darling appeared at the Con*Cept Masquerade in his business suit (This is not the consuite) the hall erupted in laughter.  It sees everyone at the con was already familiar with the running gag!

We have now transferred the VHS to digital and uploaded them along with teasers to Youtube.

For more information, and the URLs to the movies, CLICK HERE.


Axanar: Some guys don’t know when to quit

Even after J.J. Abrams told the world on May 20 that Paramount and CBS would drop their lawsuit against Axanar fan filmmaker Alec Peters, legal maneuvering and controversy has continued — initiated by Axanar.  File 770 has an excellent review of the situation as it stands today.

A round up of fan productions and the stands they are taking:

I know a number of MonSFFen are fans of New Voyages and might want to know where they stand. James Cawley was invited by Peters, but declined to participate. He’s staying the heck out of it. Smart man.

If you are on FB, check these out.  I had no idea there were so many fan productions, and apparently high standards, too.



FanFilms & Fanfiction: Paramount vs Axanar, Game of Thrones

Paramount dropped its lawsuit against  Alec Peters, maker of the Axanar fan films. But Ananar is not quite out of the woods yet, and Paramount is creating a fan film guide–something that should have been done years ago, but back then we all knew fan films did not hire professional actors to reprise their original roles, sell merchandise, tabletop games, their own convention, and so forth.

In response to a question asked by a fan at Balticon, George RR Martin agreed the televised series of his Game of Thrones is fan fiction. GRRM is known for his stance against fanfic–he told us at a WC panel I attended, “Don’t tell me about your fanfic because then I would have to sue you”. So, obvious question: How can HBO get away with it?

GRRM’s response:

The Stop motion film project is advancing!

François has sent me the latest rushes from the MonSFFA stop motion project!! Those asteroids are really moving, dinos haven’t a chance!

Next month we take a break from the filming to host our mega book sale, but then in August, François and Keith plan to try completing the filming. It’s possibly still going to take more time, but plans are under way to set up some sessions outside our meeting dates.



MonSFFilms’ Pterodactyl Takes Flight!


After many months of planning, pre-production work, and test footage, MonSFFA’s film division, MonSFFilms, began shooting on its paper-cut-out, stop-motion animated short film project.

With final character art completed by writer/art director Keith Braithwaite, and the articulated model cardboard “skeletons”, or armatures, fashioned by animator Francois Menard on hand, production crew members Josée Bellemare, Cathy Palmer-Lister, and Marquise assembled the shooting models under Francois’ supervision. Meanwhile, Mark Burakoff, fabricator of our animation stand, Keith, Dominique Durocher, Marc Durocher, and others set up a shooting stage in a corner of the club’s meeting room.

Animator Francois Menard snaps a frame of a T-Rex test-model last August, at the outset of our project. This session also served as a try-out of our Mark Burakoff-built animation stand. The film’s visual elements will, for the most part, be made of cardboard and crayon-coloured construction paper.
During MonSFFA’s recent April meeting, Francois checks his monitor and snaps a frame during the shooting of scenes for the club’s latest film project.










Two scenes were committed to digital media on this day, each starring our story’s Pterodactyl.

A quick review of the dailies before the crew packed up for the afternoon drew positive commentary, with many noting that the scene looked a lot better than they’d expected. Despite the simplicity and two-dimensional nature of this paper-cut-out piece of animation, the resulting images displayed a certain three-dimensional quality, due in large part, it was noted, to our option of shooting physical elements on a multi-plane animation stand. The deft lighting of clouds (cotton wadding) resulted in a visually striking environment through which our Pterodactyl could fly.

The shoot will continue in the coming months.

Francois adjusts the shooting model of our Pterodactyl during the club’s recent April meeting. Tufts of cotton wadding can be seen, here, resting on several of the animation stand’s planes, creating a convincing skyscape through which the Pterodactyl could fly.
Francois manipulates and views the animation model on a monitor hooked up to the camera.