April 26 Meeting

April 26

Dragon and Robot copy


These are SF&F ads for generally mundane products, like cars or insurance policies, seen during TV shows (the “brought to you by…” type of things). Quite often, they were more interesting than the show proper…

NOON: SF Cinema Matinée, hosted by Keith Braithwaite.  Learn about the details of production, how the special effects were achieved in a pre-digital era, and the reasons the film is considered an exceptional example of the genre, or a masterpiece of sci-fi cinema!

TWOish: Paleo Art, presented by Keith Braithwaite: Jurassic Art–Painting the Prehistoric Past: A brief history and appreciation of the amazing art that illustrates, in scientific journals, books, museums, and exhibitions, the Age of Dinosaurs and other prehistoric eras, breathing life, again, into creatures long departed.

THREE-THIRTYish:  Break, Raffle, MonSFFA news, Table Topics

FOURish: Swimming with Cyber Sharks-Tips on Protecting Your Computer From Attack.  In a world of everyday Web surfing, the potential for attack from cyber sharks remains an ever-present danger. Steven Janssen will  offer a few simple, easy ways of protecting your computer, and yourself, from cyber attack.

Steven works for the RCMP cyber crimes division, which he tells me bears little or no resemblance to CSI:Cyber, LOL

FIVEish: Supper at La Cage, or ???

March 22 Meeting Recap

Loooong meeting, since we started at 11:00 AM to avoid the parade and possible manif problems. I didn’t notice when we wound up, but I think it was at least 5:00PM!!

Due to work being done in St-François, the hotel graciously offered us the use of Grand Salon, connected to Saguenay and Richelieu for our snacks displays, books, etc. The Salon is a wonderful space in which to show movies!

The meeting was well attended, with three members sporting crazy hats, and a few others wearing St Patrick’s Day Parade paraphernalia. The crazy hat winner was Marquise, who was wearing a cow!

Sylvain’s presentation “Trailer Trash”  was met with much laughter. Keith followed this up at noon with the first of the SF Cinema Matinee mornings. The members present for this event carefully read the hand outs, watched the trailers, and voted for the movie they wished to see: It Came From Outer Space.  A movie ahead of its time it turned out, as the aliens, though grotesque in appearance, harboured no ill intent toward Earth’s inhabitants.

René Walling was up next with a great presentation on anime for the SF/F Fan. He showed trailers from television series and movies for anime in various genre categories that would appeal to SF & Fantasy fans.  We were also provided with printed handouts listing his recommendations.  (This list is on line, just click this sentence.)

Raffle tickets & snacks were sold during the break, netting the club 41$.  This income is  important to us, so thank you all who contributed to the cause.

After the break, we debated the future of the printed WARP. Options from one extreme to the other:  no printed WARP to printed WARPs for all members,  Members agreed we needed printed WARPs available for those who wanted them, but cost is a major issue. For WARP 90, Cathy printed copies on her own printer, in colour, for an estimated cost of 5$ an issue.  Keith will print WARP 91 in b&w, with some colour, so we will have a chance to see how that possibility works out.   A few members suggested they would be willing to pay a little more for a colour issue. It was pointed out that since the club was founded, membership fees have been raised only once, from 20$ to 25$, yet our costs have risen a lot more, especially for the meeting space.  Another option could be offering the colour copies to platinum members.

The debate lasted much longer than expected, proof of our members’ attachment to WARP. Final decision will be taken after the WARP 91 experiment.  In the meantime, we value your input into this important discussion, so please do contact us with your thoughts and ideas:  <executive@monsffa.ca> 

Cathy showed a screen capture of our website, pointing out the members only page, and the subscribe button. We also saw how Terry Pratchett’s name is being shown in our website’s “clacks overhead”.

Changes in our meeting schedule for April and May, programming for next few months, and the problem of the July BBQ without a BBQ completed the roundup of club news.

Got Books?  Danny had several very interesting books, René presented a more recent unusual title, Cathy spoke about Terry Pratchett, with emphasis on her favourite Discworld novel: Going Postal, and François brought “Frankenstein” , a classic we all know about, but few of us have read. René suggested we do this more often, maybe with short readings, but fitting Got Books into a regular meeting along with the SF Cinema Matinée, may prove too much in too little time. Cathy has long wanted a reading group, but this also requires more time than we have.

Supper was at the Indian Restaurant since La Cage was stuffed full of soccer fans. The food was good, the atmosphere conducive to conversation, so our day came to a very pleasant ending with coffee and dessert.







March 22nd Meeting

March 22

crazy hatCrazy Hat Day at the March 22 meeting! Mad as a March hare – Mad Hatter… we can all wear a weird (yet wonderful) hat! Get creative! There will be a prize for best hat!

NOON:  The Classic Movie Hour (or two) Keith will bring in a few classics, members will pick one to view and discuss.

 TWOish:  Anime for the SF Fan, a presentation by René Walling.

THREE-THIRTYish:  Break, Raffle, MonSFFA news, Table Topics

FOURish: Got Books? EVERYONE (Yes, you too!) brings in a book read recently and tries to “sell” it to us.

FIVISH:  Supper at La Cage au Sports.

March 22nd Meeting

We moved our meeting to the 22nd to avoid the St Patrick’s Day Parade, then the Parade moved to the 22nd to avoid the manif against police brutality, but the latter wanting to celebrate “La St-Patrack” also moved to the 22nd.

If you can, approach the hotel from the south, or come early  (Doors open at 10 AM), enjoy our movie matinée at noon, and avoid the traffic hurdles.

“The parade begins at noon at Fort St. and ends approximately three hours later at Phillips Square. Meanwhile, anti-police demonstrators are expected to start protesting close by — at the corner of Guy St. and de Maisonneuve Blvd. — at 1:30 p.m., just as the parade floats by.”

Introducing the first MonSFFA SF movie matinée

We’re introducing a NEW EVENT that we think you’ll enjoy!
On a semi-regular schedule beginning this month, we’ll review classic sci-fi movies chosen by you, our members! Show up early for our March 22 meeting and vote for your favourite of five vintage sci-fi films we’ll have available!

Learn about the details of production, how the special effects were achieved in a pre-digital era, and the reasons the film is considered an exceptional example of the genre, or a masterpiece of sci-fi cinema!

Details, with list of available movies here.

View the poster here.


Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Keith Braithwaite


SpockLeonard Nimoy passed away on February 27 at age 83, succumbing to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, an aliment the cause of which he firmly believed was his unfortunate smoking habit, despite his having given it up 30 years ago. He is survived by his wife, two children, numerous grandchildren, and an older brother. News of his death occasioned accolades from his Star Trek co-stars, NASA astronauts, U.S. president Barack Obama, and Trekkers the world over.

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