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Free Montreal Gaming Event this weekend

Free Montreal Gaming Event

Festival Draconis 2018
Le festival de jeux de rôle de Montréal

Draconis is a role-playing game festival that will take place the weekend of March 2nd to the 4th, 2018, at the CEGEP du Vieux Montreal. Many games will be available to play under a variety of systems. The event is free and is open to people of all ages and levels of experience!

Sensors Detect…

A bit of this and that!

1 Remembering David Kyle

2) Thor gets a new hammer!


3)  Scientists have proposed a theoretical way that light could be slowed down to a complete stop, using something called “exceptional points”.

4) A letter from World Con 75

Kiitos for attending and/or supporting Worldcon 75! We were so happy to host over 7,000 science fiction and fantasy fans in Helsinki last year. We have a few post-Worldcon updates that we hope you’ll like!

We have published a Progress Report 6! It has a recap of convention activities, lots of photographs, and membership and attendance statistics. It is published (online only) on our website.

Due to overwhelming demand, we are re-opening our merchandise webshop! Orders will be taken until February 28, and then our staff will pack up and mail out everything after that time. Enjoy this last chance to buy your Worldcon 75 keepsake!

Worldcon 75 is preparing to make our Souvenir Book available to all members who were not able to be with us in Helsinki. An electronic copy is available for download by all members from our membership site. If you did not attend the convention, but would like a paper copy of the Souvenir Book, please sign in to the member site and edit your personal information to include your paper pubs mailing address by February 28. We expect to have the paper copies mailed out shortly thereafter.

We are so thankful to all of you for helping Worldcon 75 on this incredible journey to bring Worldcon to Finland for the first time!

With best wishes
Worldcon 75


MonSFFA’s Holiday Feast!

MonSFFA’s Holiday Feast!


We invite our members, friends, family, and all Montreal area fandom to join us for our annual Holiday Feast, which will happen on December 9th,18:00h, at the Irish Embassy Pub and Grill, , 1234 Bishop, just below Ste-Catherine.

The cost of the meal is 25$ + taxes and 17% gratuity, except for the linguine which is vegetarian, and is priced at 20$

The holiday menu  will feature a choice of salad or soup, brownie or apple cake, and a choice of one of these main dishes:
Prime Rib au jus, Maple glazed salmon, Turkey dinner, Linguine Pomodoro.

Please RSPV to <>   not obligatory, in case you get a sudden urge to drop in, but the pub appreciates getting the number of seats right.

There will be raffle prizes!!
There will be fun!
The theme is:  Surprise! Wear your brightest (or silliest!)) seasonal sweater, hat, earrings,  or tie!

More on Robby the Robot

Forbidden Planet’s Robby the Robot sold Nov 21st  for $5,375,000 including premium at Bonhams “TCM Presents…Out of this World!” auction. Read more:

How Robby was salvaged

Snitched from File 770

By Alan White: Pretty cool about Robby the Robot going for millions.

I wrote about this in Delineator so long ago, and just wanted to add a bit to the story FYI.

The Uncle Simon head.

Following the MGM auction in 1970, I was working for Ed “Big Daddy” Roth at “Movieworld” in Buena Park.

After the dust had settled on the auction, the owners bought scavenging rights for the MGM lot.

I think they paid $10,000 for anything they could haul out of there. This was only a few weeks prior to the whole place being bulldozed for condos and stuff.

The owner, Jimmy Brucker, Ed Roth and I found tons of stuff abandoned in boxcars on the lot.

I don’t recall how they got their hands on Robby, but I could see across the lot on the other side of some tall underbrush, all the wall panels from inside the United Planets Cruiser C57D, plus the large ray guns placements they used when fighting the ID monster.

I set out through all this shoulder high plants, and half-way across, stumbled into Robby’s hot rod hidden amongst all this vegetation.  It was a wreck as you can see in the pic. Yes, I’ll have to rescan these pics one of these days.

The wall panels and control desk without the big space globe could never be rebuilt. Everything had been left to the elements since, I suppose, 1956.

Thanks to ‘The Kustom Car King” Ed Roth, Robby and the car were rebuilt and put on display at Movieworld.

I printed this card  – an insert into my fanzine which I took to a WesterCon in ummm, 1971 or maybe 72.

The car came inches from winding up under a construction site.

So there you see only 3 degrees of separation between Rat Fink and the ID Monster!