2017 MonSFFA Programming

Our meetings are held Sunday afternoons at 1:00 PM in the Grand Salon of the Hotel Espresso, 1005 Guy Street, unless otherwise indicated. If you don’t find us in Grand Salon, check with the front desk as we are sometimes moved to other rooms.

NOTE: All programming is tentative and subject to change without notice. Real life does sometimes intervene with the fun stuff!

January 15: OMG! From ancient mythology, shows like Stargate, authors like CS Lewis, the Raelians right here and now, there is no escaping somebody’s vision of God or god-like creatures. Or is there? Do we want to dump the supernatural from fantasy altogether? If there is no such thing as magic, can there be gods? (Danny Sichel)

The return of the Dragon! Christopher Hammock to give us a preview of Draconis, the gaming convention happening March 3-5.

Election of executive-President, VP, Treasurer appointments–2 editors, Webmaster, Keeper of the Lists (Josée Bellemare is CRO.)

The Music of SF/F: Overview of soundtracks, star composers of the genre, sf themes and imagery in pop music–All wrapped up as a game! (Kieth Braithwaite)

Programming 2017 Review of the projected dates and finalizing the programming details.

February 12: Wear Red for Valentine’s Day! 

NOON: We invite our early birds to brainstorm programming ideas for 2017.

13h MonSFFA welcomes Guest Speaker, Prof. Don C. Donderi, author of UfOs, ETs And Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks At The Evidence.

Mr Donderi,  PhD, associate professor (retired), McGill University Department of Psychology, teaches a ten-week course in the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL).

He was interviewed by the Montreal Gazette, you can read it here. 


 15h  What will the economy of the future look like? Will we reach the Utopian dream of having machines do everything for us that that we may study philosophy and art? Will there be enough jobs for everyone; will we lose basic skills? Will it all go south and become a dystopia? (Panel discussion moderated  by Keith Braithwaite)

March 12
WEAR GREEN in honour of St Paddy’s Day!

NOON:  SF/F Cinema Matinee: The Flying Saucer Edition!

Chose for review one of five vintage sci-fi films on our list this month, all featuring flying saucers in honour of last month’s guest speaker on UFOs, Professor Don Donderi!

Click here to see what’s on the Cinema menu!

Can Government Get Any Weirder? The recent US presidential race was… …different! Is it the only way to rule a country? Certainly not, as even democracy has many variants. From Libertarian anarchism to totalitarian galactic empires, there is room in the genre for many, many forms of government, some of them very, very strange. (Presentation by Sylvain St-Pierre)

SF/F Conventions  For Eastern Canadians, March is the start of convention season. The Toronto Comicon is next weekend, Ad Astra is on the May 5-7 weekend, as is Boréal, the French language convention in Quebec City,  and later in the year, Can-Con is in Ottawa. World Con is the BIG one;  this year it is in Helsinki, Finland.  We discuss the different kinds of con, what you can expect to see and do at each. 

Programming Workshop

April 9, 2017

Guest Speaker, Andrew Fazekas, “The Night Sky Guy,” and author of Star Trek The Official Guide To Our Universe: The True Science Behind The Starship Voyages.

Andrew Fazekas, aka The Night Sky Guy, is a science writer, broadcaster, and lecturer who shares his passion for the wonders of the universe through all media. He is a columnist for National Geographic where he authors the popular online weekly StarStruck column, and is also a syndicated space news contributor on radio and TV networks, and is an active member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada who has over 30 years of skywatching experience .

After his presentation, he will have copies of his book for sale and signing, at the list price of 30$.

Foley Session/Sound Mixing workshop After Andrew’s presentation, Keith and François are hosting this workshop.  If all goes well, we’ll be completing our Stop Motion project by creating and incorporating the sound track.


CSI Exhibit at the Old Port http://www.montrealsciencecentre.com/temporary-exhibition/csiexperienceen

Members might also want to take in the IMAX presentation: Humpback Whales at 10 AM http://www.montrealsciencecentre.com/imax-film/humpback-3d

June 4 Theme is DRAGONS!

Wear your dragon t-shirts, socks, and caps! Bring your “pets” in for display!

NOON: The SF Cinema Matinee, hosted by Keith.

14H Here there be Dragons! We examine the legends surrounding fantasy’s supreme beastie while highlighting some of the Genre’s most memorable dragons! A presentation by Paula and Fern.

Note: The raffle will include hand crafted wooden dragon puzzles.

15:30h The Dragon Slayer: A discussion moderated by Cathy–Defining the role and character of a hero. Who in SF/F best embodies our vision of the hero?

July 16: The Picnic in the Park, Back up date July 23.

JULY  23 If we have our picnic on the 16th, we will use the 23rd for a road trip to the Ecomuseum in Ste Anne de Bellevue.

August 27

Noon:  SF Cinema Matinée, hosted by Keith

14:00h World Premiere of our stop motion project!

14:10 h  Forever and a Day: Living eternally, or at least for a much longer time than we do now is an old human dream. But would fulfilling it really be an unmitigated blessing? Presented by Sylvain St-Pierre

15:40 The Future of Warfare: We talk about peace on earth, but it seems we don’t really expect it to happen. Indeed, from reading or watching SF, one expects warfare to go way beyond Earth. How will we fight in space ? Ships, armour, weapons? Planetary defence systems?  Mark Burakoff

September 17

13H World Con 75-MonSFFen report on their wonderful adventures in Helsinki, Finland!

15h What’s with the fairy tales? Fairy tale for adults on TV, in movies, in books, love them or hate them? CPL, Josée, and René explain the persistence of the folktale in our culture.

16h The Music of SF/F, the Sequel! Overview of soundtracks, star composers of the genre, sf themes and imagery in pop music–All wrapped up as a game! (Kieth Braithwaite)

October 15

Noon: SF Cinema Matinee, hosted by Keith

14h Victorian Scientific Romance: Steampunk is now a respectable and well-establ8shed style bust as the 19th century waned and the 20th dawned, human flight, electricity and life on other worlds were very topical themes and viewed quite seriously. Authors like H. G. Wells and Jules Verne were the most famous at the time, but they were by no means the only ones to dabble in the genre.   A retrospective of some of the more interesting stories of those early days, presented by Sylvain.

15:30: Preliminary planning for 2018 programming

November 12

 CRAFT DAY and SECOND HAND BOOK SALE Workshops and a chance for our artisans to sell their creations. The annual MonSFFA book sale will begin at noon.
Book sale 12

Donations of gently used books are gratefully accepted, as long as they arrive before noon and you help us to sort them on the tables.

As usual, volunteers who help set up get first choice of the books.

Prices run from 3 for a dollar for mass market pocket books, to 3$ for hardcover.

SF Artisans wishing to sell their craft work may either rent a table, 5$ for 4 ft table, or have wares sold by MonSFFA staff for 10% profit.

We are also considering the possibility of a garage sale table as well.

 December 9 Holiday Feast

Time and place to be announced

Montreal Science Fiction and Fantasy Association