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October Impulse now on line

October’s Impulse is now available from our website, CLICK HERE.

We have a meeting coming up on the 15th.  Your attendance is important because we will be planning the November book/craft fair event, and also the programming for 2018.

Sunday, October 15
Grand Salon, Hôtel Espresso, 1005 Guy St. , Downtown Montreal
MEETING THEME: Halloween approaches! Don your favourite ghoulish costume, or carve a Jack-O-Lantern for the display table!

SUNDAY SCI-FI CINEMA MATINÉE   In keeping with the topic of this afternoon’s lead presentation, we offer a choice of films featuring Victorian characters and settings!

THE SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE: The so-called scientific romances of the 19th century (and earlier)—often repurposed today as Steampunk—are what science fiction stories were called before the term science fiction was coined. We examine our favourite Genre from this Victorian perspective.

Planning the November book sale / craft fair

BRAINSTORMING SESSION FOR 2018: We open planning for 2018 with this preliminary brainstorming session, in which we’ll collect ideas for presentations, panels, and workshops for next year’s MonSFFA meeting schedule. Come prepared with a few proposals! Your suggestions, MonSFFen, are encouraged and welcome!

NEXT MEETING: November 12
Book and Craft Sale

Impulse is on line!

Impulse for May/June is now available for download.  Click here for information on our outing on the 4th of May and our June 4th meeting. (Note: there will not be an Impulse for June)

Also in Impulse, a summary of the meeting in April, and a list of the MonSFFen whose membership is up for renewal.

March Impulse is on line

The March 2017 edition of Impulse is now available on line. Our thanks to Impulse editor,  Keith Braithwaite!

One quick update: There are two suggestions for the May field trip. In Impulse, read about the trip to the Ecomuseum in Ste-Anne de Bellevue.

The CSI Investigation at the Science Museum, Old Port was suggested at the February meeting.

Can You Crack the Case?

You enter a crime scene, and you must lead the investigation. Based on the hit American series, CSI: The Experience is an adventure into the world of criminalistics. Record evidence, compare it to what real investigators have collected, and pursue your investigation at the crime lab with the help of forensic medicine. Solve the crime in this highly interactive investigation by comparing tire tracks, performing blood spatter and DNA analysis, and learning about forensic anthropology and toxicology.

We could start with the 3D movie on humpback whales at 10 AM, (Star Trek, connection!)

Impulse for August now on line

The August edition of Impulse is now on line.  Thank you Keith!

Our August meeting is traditionally our “fan-craft” day, and we hope you will come bearing samples of your SF/F related hobbies.

I will be giving a crash course on how to use our website, with a hand-on workshop for those interested in becoming contributors.

Keith will be speaking on copyright legislation, and how the fall out from the Axanar case will impact  fanfic & films. This case has shaken a lot of nuts out of the trees, take a look:

Sylvain will give a presentation on the field trip to the Sfarfleet Academy. Apparently, there are some neat little videos which were e-mailed to participants after the trip, and these will be shown.

Food–The theme for the snack table is alien food! It doesn’t have to look appetizing, but it does have to be edible!! 😉


July Impulse + BBQ Reminder

Impulse JULY  in available now for download. Click here.

WARP 95 printed copies will be available at the BBQ, but the editor cannot attend if rain pushes our fun to the 24th, so pray for sunblock weather.

This issue of Impulse has all the details for our BBQ in Angrignon Park, July 17, starting about 10 AM. The Rain Date is the following Sunday, the 24th of July.

ALL are invited, bring friends and family! Also bring food and drink, and if you are able, bring something to share.

NB:  in case of poor weather, the cancellation notice will appear here  on our website.