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The music of Barry Gray

For the next 28 days, BBC  has the concert celebrating the music of Barry Gray available for free listening — “The Music of Barry Gray”

Fun–Reminds me of our own OVMF.  Some really peculiar musical instruments are introduced. There is a most ethereal voice on Marina, near the end of the show. At the very end, after the Thunderbirds’ 21st Century March, they play Stingray. It’s a great version. Gets the heart pumping!

The show is available for just a few days, so grab it now while you still can.

Stuart presents the iconic music of TV composer Barry Gray performed by Charles Hazelwood’s All Star Collective at St George’s Bristol. Barry Gray created some of the most memorable music on British television and film from the 1960s onwards including Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet and Stingray. His style combines big band swagger, sci-fi strangeness and soaring theme tunes. Conductor Charles Hazelwood is joined on stage by a stella cast of musicians including Jarvis Cocker and members of the British Paraorchestra.

Sylvia Anderson & Supermarionation, Remembered

On File 770, James  H Burns posted a great essay with photos on the Thunderbirds.  We have a nostalgia panel discussion coming Sylvia & Venusup–this would be a fun kick-off point as most of us have fond memories of coming home from school to watch various Supermarionation shows. Burns mentions having a crush on Venus, I remember having a crush on Gordon. I think my sister’s fave was Alan.

What about you? Did you have a favourite? What was it about Supermarionation that appealed to you? The “actors”? the models? The plots?

Sylvia Anderson (1927-2016)

Sylvia Anderson has passed away.

Sylvia Anderson, best known as the voice of Lady Penelope in the TV show Thunderbirds, has died after a short illness, her family has confirmed.

Anderson co-created the hit science-fiction puppet series, which ran from 1965, with her late husband Gerry. In a career spanning five decades, she also worked on shows Joe 90 and Captain Scarlet, and for US TV network HBO.

She died at her Berkshire home, aged 88. Her daughter described her as “a mother and a legend”.

BBC obit with photos here.

October 18th meeting recap

dragon in colour copyOur October meeting got off to a very strange start–the hotel moved us to room 700, the biggest, fanciest suite in the hotel.  We all took time to oggle the two bathrooms, one with a giant jacuzzi, lounged on the couches, sat around the conference table, and watched videos on the television. We even had coffee!!

Another strange thing–we had what I suspect is our lowest attendance ever. I hope it’s not because members couldn’t find us!

The Sunday morning cinema started late as we had fun trying to Creaturefigure out the tech logistics of playing DVDs on a computer hooked up to the television.  In honour of Hallow’en, Keith brought in 5 movies of terrifying horror & horrifying terror: Dracula (1931),  The Mummy (1932), The Wolf Man (1941), and The Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954.  The Creature won the vote. Although very dated, and “scientifically-challenged”,  it proved quite enjoyable.

Rhodan issue 2827
Newest issue, due to be released on Oct 23rd.

Sylvain had an excellent presentation prepared on Perry Rhodan.  We were astonished by the scope of this serial space-opera, the most successful science fiction series ever written. There are several story arcs, called “cycles” , and more popular characters such as Atlan have inspired spin-offs.  There are conventions, collectibles, toys, and so on. Some of us had seen it in French translations, but others wondered how we had managed not to hear of such a huge phenomena. The official website is here: http://www.perry-rhodan.net/  Clicking on the international tab will bring up some English pages, but I found that Google translation worked quite well.


After a short break and the raffle draw, Keith and Sylvain teamed up to show us different aspects of the the Thunderbirds, in honour of the 50th anniversary. We saw something of the history of the show, the making of the marionettes, the fantastic models, and even silly plot-holes none of us noticed way back in our childhoods, but seem glaringly obvious now.  There were wonderfully cool machines doing super-cool things, like moving the Empire State Building. Totally impractical, especially as the engineers on the job failed to take note of the underground river, but wow, it was so cooool. 😉

We were supposed to continue work on our animation project, but we were running late, some members were absent, and we decided we’d rather spend more time remembering the Thunderbirds and Gerry Anderson.

Supper was at La Cage au Sports, Bell Centre. We kicked around some ideas for next year’s programming.  The November meeting will have to be trimmed a bit to make room for discussing 2016 programming, and working on dropping big rocks on innocent dinosaurs.



MonSFFA meeting, October 18

Back by popular Demand: The MonSFFA Sunday morning Cinema matinee, presented by Keith Braithwaite.

11:00 The audience will pick from 5 classic SF movies. The theme, of course, will be horror, given that Hallowe’en is lurking around the corner.

Perry_Rhodan_issue22501:00 The Perry Rhodan Universe: presented by Sylvain St-Pierre. As every German schoolboy knows, the first man on the moon was an American of Germanic descent named Perry Rhodan, and he landed in 1971. At least that is how it goes in the first story by K.H. Scheer and Clark Darlton, written in 1961. This was the start of an incredible multi-millennium, multi-universe spanning saga that is still going strong today with no end in sight. We will try to cover a few of the highlights of that particular Teutonic cosmos.

_84561138_thunderbirds2:30 Thunderbirds are Go! 50 years of the Thunderbirds: A panel discussion, led by Keith Braithwaite and Sylvain St-Pierre,  on the Thunderbirds, the original and the reboots.  Members are encouraged to bring books, models, pins, lunchboxes, and other memorabilia to display. Topics covered will include the sets, models, marionettes, villains, and cultural stereotypes.

After the break, we will have our raffle. Don’t forget to bring or wear something to go with our meeting themes (scary stuff, Thunderbirds, Perry Rhodan) and we give you credits towards our special Christmas raffle.

Title page3:30 Stop Motion Animation Project: Work continues on our latest  endeavour.  Click here to download the storyboards for the Theories of Dinosaur Extinction.


After the meeting, we will meet for supper, probably at La Cage at the Bell Centre if the one across the street is still closed. This will be a good opportunity to kick around ideas for next year’s meetings.  We like prepare our draft schedule at the November meeting, and that’s not so far away!