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  • Aurora Awards Package is now available to members
  • West Island used book sale (2$ a book)
  • Steampunk Radio
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I’ve downloaded my voter’s package! Have you?

Aurora Awards Package is now available to members: This is one very good reason to join CSFFA. For 10$, you get access to all the works nominated.  Two members of MonSFFA are on the short list, Keith Braithwaite for his cover of WARP 93, and Cathy Palmer-Lister for WARPs 90 to 93.   http://www.monsffa.ca/?p=2837 to learn more.

Biographies of nominees can be found here.  Works available, and the download page, can be found from the Join/Nominate/Vote menu list on CSFFS website: www.prixaurorawards.ca.  A list of what is in this year’s voter package can be found online HERE.
Voter Package download can be accessed from HERE.  (You will only see the download links at the bottom if you have a paid CSFFA membership and are logged into your account.)
Full details about the voter package can be found here too. Once you have logged into your account go to this page and click the download category you are interested in at the bottom of the page. It will automatically transfer the zip file to your computer’s download directory.

West Island used book sale (2$ a book) at the Sacred Caulron: BOOK SALE on Saturday April 30th at the Sacred Cauldron from noon to 4:30 pm followed a Beltane Public Ritual at 7pm.  All welcome!

Great Big Book Sale Saturday April 30th, noon to 4:30 pm 2nd hand book sale. Many books on magick, healing, Pagan fiction, and so on available. $2 a book. Come and explore!

Steampunk Radio: Steampunk is a genre of creativity that has always enthralled me.  I love the merger of ancient and future, and all of the possibilities that lie within the mixture of the two.  My tastes in music and art have always angled toward the darker genres of music and bands, so I love that steampunk bands tend to gravitate towards similar emotions.  I wanted to make a site dedicated to exploring some of the best bands and composers creating music within the Steamapunk Scene.

Listen to our free Radio at anytime http://www.steampunkradio.com/index.html