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Rabid Puppies 2017

File 770 reports on Vox Day’s new tactics to beat the e-plurabis rule changes for the Hugo Awards.

Vox Day posted his Rabid Puppies 2017 slate for the Hugo Awards today. Reacting to the E Pluribus Hugo rules change, designed to limit the effectiveness of slate voting, Day has changed his strategy from seeking to monopolize the ballot to focusing support on one or two choices in most categories to assure the Rabid Puppies will leave their mark on the ballot.


If EPH had been in effect in 2014 & 15

Aaron Pound analyses  the effect EPH would have had on the Hugos of 2014 & 15.

Looks like a workable plan to stop block voting.

Furthermore, Aaron feels that while it was not the purpose of the EPH, it did have the effect of allowing better quality works on the ballot.

The 2014 “E Pluribus Hugo” Revised Hugo Finalists

The 2015 “E Pluribus Hugo” Revised Hugo Finalists

Aaron Pound has a big library–really big library.

I am a confirmed bibliophile. As of the current date, I own and have cataloged 10,281 books, and that doesn’t count the books that are on the kids’ bookshelves. Because I am a bibliophile, I make sure that my books are arranged alphabetically by author. When I run out of shelf space, I acquire more shelves.

Read about him here.

Puppies are barking, some are biting

Happy Pup001
Cathy had this badge made for her last year at Sasquan.

Yup–that didn’t take long. Even before the finalists were announced, The Guardian newspaper was interviewing GRRM and Vox Day. This is a really good article for somebody wondering what all the fuss is about. Funny cartoon to go with it.

File 770 has a table showing the finalists compared with the recommended list from the Sad Puppies, and the slate from the Rabid puppies.

Already one casualty, Tom Mays has withdrawn his nomination.

I wish I could be at this year’s business meeting, but Helsinki next year is going to cost me an arm and a leg. I hope it is well attended, and that the EPH proposal is given the green light. Something has to be done to repair the damage done to the Hugos.  Granted, there have always been a few nominations, even winners, that we look back at and wonder what possessed the nominators and voters, but the stuff proposed by Vox Day is just plain horrible by any measure.