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WARP 100 is ready!

Greeting, MonSFFen and MonSFFriends!

WARP 100 is now on line!!! CLICK HERE!

For various reasons, I missed the November deadline which would have had WARP 100 published to coincide with our 30th anniversary. Would have been cool, but life happens, especially when a couple of dogs are involved.

As usual, the Table of Contents is linked to the articles.

Graphics at the end of articles are not just decorative, but serve a higher purpose: clicking on them will bring you back to the ToC.

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A special big thank-you to Keith Braithwaite who created FOUR covers to mark this special issue, each featuring the same  “still” from a fictional movie  as it might have been depicted by four different artists of renown. The cover of this online edition is in the style of Ray Harryhausen.

Many thanks to our contributors:

  • Joe Aspler
  • Keith Braithwaite
  • Dom Durocher
  • François Ménard
  • Cathy Palmer-Lister
  • Lynda Pelley
  • Lloyd Penney
  • Danny Sichel
  • Barbara Silverman
  • Sylvain St-Pierre
  • Yves Tousignant
  • And the Blueberry Wizard for a new quiz!



WARP 99 is on line!

CLICK HERE to download WARP 99 from our website!

As always, the Table of Contents is linked to the articles, and the little graphics at or near the ends of articles will take you back to the ToC. Mouse around–there are hidden links!

Look for the MonSFFA rocket hidden in these pages! (Did you find the one in WARP 98? It’s being worn by a Kazon!)

WARP 98 is now on line!!

Yes, indeed, WARP 98 is now available for download!

I know, you are all shocked and astonished! So is your editor! With everything I had going on this month, I was sure WARP would be delayed to July!


Adobe reader is available free from:


The Table of Contents is linked to the articles, graphics at the end of articles will bring you back to the ToC. The mouse will reveal other links!

A few printed copies will be available for members at the June 4th meeting. There might not be the usual 20 copies–it depends on how long my black ink cartridge lasts!! so come early to ensure you get your copy hot off the press. (Keith has a great cinema matinee lined up–all dragons!)

If you need WARP mailed to you, contact Keith Braithwaite.


  • Joe Aspler
  • Keith Braithwaite
  • Lindsay Brown
  • Leyble Botwinik
  • Lloyd Penny
  • Barbara Silverman
  • Sylvain St-Pierre
  • and Marquise for that fabulous cover!

Download WARP 97

Click here to download a pdf of our quarterly clubzine, WARP 97.

Adobe reader is available free from:

The Table of Contents is linked to the articles, graphics at the end of articles will bring you back to the ToC. The mouse will reveal other links!

Printed copies will be available for our members at the Feb 12th meeting.

My thanks to our outstanding cast of characters!

Josée Belelmare
Leybl Botwinik (making his first guest appearance)
Keith Braithwaite
Lloyd Penney
Shawn Picard
Barbara Silverman
Sylvain St-Pierre


The Zine Dump review of WARP 95

From Guy Lillian, a review of WARP 95, which you can download from here.

warp95dinocover“Warp 95 /   Website: / Whoa! Startling image on the cover of the Montreal SF club’s home genzine – the inside of a T-Rex’s mouth! Credit, if that’s the word, photographer Keith Braithwaite and the Montreal Science Museum, which put the animatronic beast on display. On display within this zine, the club members’ talents – a chapter from a Star Trek pastiche, a reworking of an Indian constellation myth by the wonderful editor, comics reviews, The Little Mermaid musical, dinosaurs, books (The Bowl of Heaven/Shipstar, big winners for Larry Niven and our friend Greg Benford), a French appreciation of Andre Norton … and a list of Aurora Award nominees. Montreal clearly remains busy, its club enthused.”

Sometimes I get so discouraged with WARP– by the time it gets published, much of it is out of date, and it takes soooo much of my time. Yeah, yeah, I’m retired–but believe me, when you’re retired, there isn’t much time left in your life, so you fill it up with all the stuff you always wanted to do but didn’t have time for because you were working. So thanks, Guy and Lloyd, for your kind words, you keep me going.

–Cathy, the ed



WARP 95 now on line

MonSFFA’s zine, WARP 95, is now available on line.  As usual, the Table of Contents is linked to the articles, and clicking the little icons will take you back to the ToC. There are links to extra content as well, some of which is restricted to our membership.

LIke our zine? Come meet the MonSFFen on the 17th when we have our annual picnic in the park:

10:30AM-4:30PM; Parc Angrignon, Lasalle (Angrignon Metro)




MonSFFA’s Summer Barbecue-in-the-Park

10:30AM-4:30PM; Parc Angrignon, Lasalle (Angrignon Metro)

All Club Members, their Families and Friends Invited!

Bring your Own Food and Drink; Club will Supply Cooking Grill.

MonSFFA has scheduled its traditional summer Barbecue-in-the Park this year for Sunday, July 17. In the event of a forecast of rain on that date, we’ll bump festivities to the following Sunday, July 24. (If the skies seem suspect on the morning of the 17th, check the MonSFFA Web site——for any eleventh-hour bulletins regarding postponement, or not, of the event.)

We take this occasion to extend a most cordial invitation to all club members, and their families and friends, to join us in the  park this coming Sunday.

We’ll gather at about 10:30-11:00AM under or nearby our usual stand of trees in  Parc Angrignon, Lasalle (Angrignon Metro). You’ll find us behind the Metro/bus station and just a short walk from the parking lot adjacent the now-shuttered “Farm”, or petting zoo (see map, below).

Bring your own food and drink; MonSFFA  will supply a small cooking grill. We usually commandeer a couple of picnic tables for the day, but you may wish to cart along a folding chair of your own, or a picnic blanket, and perhaps a card or board game, ball, or Frisbee. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

The printed version of Warp 95 will be available for distribution at this club event.

Do join us for a pleasant afternoon of easy conversation, refreshing drink, and tasty food amongst fine company!









Master chef?

MonSFFA BBQ 2015-13b BBQ14

WARP 94 is available for download

Mascots leave EarthWarp 94 is now available for download. There are 2 different covers. I liked the one you will see in the downloaded pdf, but my printer did not!

WARP 95 is already gathering steam–editor is looking for feature articles, fan fiction, reviews, photos of our activities, and so on. Letters of Comment are much appreciated, and as easy as π — just click the comment button you see at the top of this post.  If you are on Facebook or Twitter, click the share buttons at the bottom.

Do remember to bring your cameras to the Dinosaurs Exhibit in March! We will want lots of photos to post in WARP and on our website.

WARP 3,1–lost and found!

CoverOur thanks to former member Nicole Pigeon who found and scanned WARP 3,1. You can now find it on our website here, as WARP 3.

We are now missing only two issues to complete our archives on line. They are probably labelled as 3,3 & 3,4, even though they are in actual fact the 5th and 6th issues of WARP.  Long story made short–the warp speed refers to the month of publication.