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Local Sensors Detect…

Two new contributions from Josée Bellemare! First, a costuming tip, the first to arrive under the costuming /Cosplay tab. Let’s hope for more of the club’s contributions to that page. The second is an article expanding on one of the themes discussed at a recent panel– The Ark of the Covenant.

Costuming:  As for the sewing patterns I mentioned Sunday, here is the web site. This is just for Simplicity patterns. Besides the usual generic costumes designs, there are costumes inspired from various movies and TV shows. Have a look and see if you find anything of interest.

MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE:  We are actively looking for your costuming tips! Also looking for photographs of your costumes, props, and so on.

Real Ark of the Covenant
Josée Bellemare

Following the February meeting about magic in the world I decided to look into one of the most famous artifacts in history: The Ark of the Covenant and its possible properties.

“In 1961 a group of Minnesota college students took Moses seriously enough to construct an ark according to his directions. Their instructor had to have the model destroyed because of the dangerously high electrical charge it developed.”

This quote is the only mention I have been able to find on the subject. Many have heard of this experiment but no information can be found to substantiate this story. Did this really happen or is it an urban myth. If it’s real, the students in question would be collecting old age pension by now.


MonSFFA Meeting teaser

Francois Menard produced a short paper dino animation to inspire the MonSFFen at the Sunday, August 23rd meeting.

Here are the steps involved in the creation of this very short, but unexpectedly complex animation.

Drawing the dino, planning the cutting for the animation
Cutting out the parts needed to create the animation
The cut outs
Cut-outs assembled, ready to be animated.