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Orange cone alert !

The work on the Turcotte Interchange is going to cause even more traffic madness.  If you normally take the 720 to our meetings, consider an alternative.

There are traffic cams you can consult before you hit the road. Got a smartphone? Check here for the traffic conditions app.

In fact, at thisaislin-red-lights point, it’s a wonder the city doesn’t just stick an orange cone on all the bridges and just shut down the city. No one can get around anyway, and the usual stupid advice: Take public transport! just grates on my nerves.  The mayor should be made to try getting from one end of the city to the other by public transport on a Sunday.

Meeting Date/Room Changes

It’s very rare that we change our meeting dates — they are pretty much set in stone after March. If you cannot find us, ask at the front desk.

Part of the deal with the Espresso Hotel is that we have to expect the occasional change of location.  Usually we find ourselves in a better room, such as when we got the Grand Salon. Last month, we were given their fanciest suite, room 700. We even had coffee service! Unfortunately, I know of at least one person who could not find us because he came early and the sign was not yet posted on the St-François door.

At the November meeting, we set the tentative dates for the following year. Please bring your agendas, and if you know the dates of events such as Grand Prix, Parades, and so on, please let us know. This will save us some grief later.