Meeting January 15

January 15: Election of executive-President, VP, Treasurer appointments–2 editors, Webmaster, Keeper of the Lists (Josée Bellemare is CRO.)

Programming 2017 Review of the projected dates and finalizing the programming details.

OMG! From ancient mythology, shows like Stargate, authors like CS Lewis, the Raelians right here and now, there is no escaping somebody’s vision of God or god-like creatures. Or is there? Do we want to dump the supernatural from fantasy altogether? If there is no such thing as magic, can there be gods? (Danny Sichel)

Display: Members bring books, DVDs, games, etc that feature gods, big and small.

The Music of SF/F: Overview of soundtracks, star composers of the genre, sf themes and imagery in pop music–All wrapped up as a game! (Kieth Braithwaite)

2017 Meeting Dates

Although we have usually met around the 3rd Sunday of every month, this year it seems it will be best to aim for the second week,more or less… I believe I have worked around all the parades, conventions, religious holidays, and so on. However, 2017 is an anniversary year for both Montreal and Canada, and so expect  the usual unexpected road blocks.

January 15

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May has got to be an outing, probably on the 14th, but it’s Mothers Day

June 4

July 16 Picnic in the Park

August 27  Project / Craft Day

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December 9 Holiday Feast


Best wishes flow in for Star Wars star Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia actress and writer in intensive care after medical emergency aboard flight to L.A. Friday

The Associated Press Posted: Dec 24, 2016 12:24 PM ET Last Updated: Dec 24, 2016 12:32 PM ET

Todd Fisher, her brother, said Friday night that she is receiving excellent care, but that he could not classify her condition. He earlier told The Associated Press that she had been stabilized and was out of the emergency room.

In a subsequent interview, he said many details about her condition or what caused the medical emergency are unknown.

Fans on Twitter hoped she would pull through. One wrote: “Carrie Fisher survived alcoholism, addiction, depression, bipolar disorder & 60 years in Hollywood. If anyone can survive 2016, it’s her.”


Does Keith have THIS one?

Oddly, this movie was not mentioned in any obits I read, such as the one in the Gazette. Thankfully, there is File 770 to fill in the blanks!  I looked up the IMDB link, and found she had a role in an episode of what must have been an appalling TV show:  Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills

GABOR OBIT. Zsa Zsa Gabor (1917-2016) died December 18. Her Internet Movie Database bio says —

Undoubtedly the woman who had come to epitomize what we recognize today as “celebrity”, Zsa Zsa Gabor, is better known for her many marriages, personal appearances, her “dahlink” catchphrase, her actions, life gossip, and quotations on men, rather than her film career.

Her biggest genre credit was the movie Queen of Outer Space. She also appeared in Nightmare on Elm Street 3, and episodes of Night Gallery (segment “The Painted Mirror”), Batman, and Supertrain.



AURORAS FOR CHRISTMAS? Earth is about to enter a solar wind stream flowing from a large hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Polar G1-class geomagnetic storms are expected to begin on Dec. 21st with magnetic unrest continuing through Dec. 25th as Earth slowly crosses the broad stream of solar wind. Santa, be alert for Northern Lights! Updates and aurora sightings may be found on

Rogue One

Click here to see trailer shots that didn’t make the final cut.

It is a good sign when on the first weekend a film is out fans are already scrutinizing footage and looking for information about how it was put together, and trying to figure out if there are any extra pieces to the puzzle out there that they can view. Fortunately for us all, one man in particular was so enamored by ‘Rogue One‘ (and I do not blame him as I too loved the movie) that he took the time to comb through the teaser, the trailers, and all of the promos he could find for ‘Rogue One’ and discover 46 shots used in the marketing campaign that did not actually make the final cut of the film.

The man’s name is Vashi Nedomansky, and on his website he points out that these missing shots did not detract from the movie experience at all, and worked very well in getting him and fans in general excited to go see ‘Rogue One,’ but he just found it interesting to see how much footage they actually had for the movie and how much they ended up not using. Personally, I love the idea of a marketing campaign using a lot of footage that is not actually in the movie, as it helps keep things fresh when you actually sit down in the theater and helps solve the age old problem of movie trailers giving away too much of the movie. If they are using footage that never actually makes it in, the trailer becomes more about the tone of the film and the potential for what the film could be rather than a glimpse of the plot and spoilers for what is to come.

Check out the video of the all the cut shots for yourself and then share your opinion on using footage not featured in the movie in a marketing campaign in the comments section below!

A few Doctor Who Christmas videos


From Josée:

And a few Doctor Who Christmas videos until the real thing.
The Doctor Puppet Christmas special was a labour of love made before the launch of the Doctor Puppet series.


Join the Doctor Puppets for a musical Doctor Who Christmas adventure!   “A Timelord Christmas” is a labour of love made by a truly dedicated crew of artists and musicians. It was produced and animated in under a month in a tiny Brooklyn apartment. The music and vocals were produced and recorded in England.

Join the Twelfth Doctor and Clara for a mysterious Christmas adventure.

Doctor Puppet is a Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists and musicians. It’s a labor of love. The puppets and animation are created in a tiny New York City apartment. The music and vocals are produced and recorded in England. This video took over 3 months to make.

The Twelfth Doctor plays a Christmas duet with the stars. Peace, joy, and rock n’ roll.

Doctor Puppet is a Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists. It’s a labor of love. The puppets and animation are created in a tiny New York City apartment. The music is produced and recorded in England.


In her latest newsletter for the group, Yvonne Penney announced Toronto’s First Thursday gatherings will end next week.

December will be the final First Thursday as founded by Tommy Ferguson in 1997. This decision has not been an easy one because of its longevity in the SF community in Toronto and region.

Here is why this is happening:

  1. I am retiring in 2017 and I have a long list of things that I want to accomplish and hopefully will have the time and continued health to do it in.
  2. Arthritis is slowly making its presence felt. For a number of years I have had difficulty in walking because of arthritis in my right ankle, my shoulders are in constant pain and my hips give me grief at times.
  3. Because of an unfortunate atmosphere that has arisen because one member decided he didn’t like the pub we were using. When the Foxes Den suddenly closed its doors (It’s now a Firkin), a new venue needed to be found, and rather than work with the group, he decided to start his own. He and his group cannot lay claim to the original pubnite as they were not around when the First Thursday Pubnite was created, which by the way was not created solely for the 2003 Worldcon bid – it predates that. Also, attendance has been low for the past several years; we no longer had the numbers, even at the Foxes Den, we once had many years ago.

This sort of split is not new; it occurs all the time anywhere in the world for any community or interest. I find it stressful….