MonSFFA: Upcoming Meetings

October 15

Noon: SF Cinema Matinee, hosted by Keith

14h Victorian Scientific Romance: Steampunk is now a respectable and well-establ8shed style bust as the 19th century waned and the 20th dawned, human flight, electricity and life on other worlds were very topical themes and viewed quite seriously. Authors like H. G. Wells and Jules Verne were the most famous at the time, but they were by no means the only ones to dabble in the genre.   A retrospective of some of the more interesting stories of those early days, presented by Sylvain.

15:30: Preliminary planning for 2018 programming

November 12

 CRAFT DAY and SECOND HAND BOOK SALE Workshops and a chance for our artisans to sell their creations. The annual MonSFFA book sale will begin at noon.
Book sale 12

Donations of gently used books are gratefully accepted, as long as they arrive before noon and you help us to sort them on the tables.

As usual, volunteers who help set up get first choice of the books.

Prices run from 3 for a dollar for mass market pocket books, to 3$ for hardcover.

SF Artisans wishing to sell their craft work may either rent a table, 5$ for 4 ft table, or have wares sold by MonSFFA staff for 10% profit.

We are also considering the possibility of a garage sale table as well.

 December 9 Holiday Feast

Time and place to be announced

Asteroids keep falling on my head…

Asteroids keep falling on my head… but that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red…I’m never gonna stop them by complainin’…

We will eventually have our latest MonSFFA project, the stop-motion animation: Theories of Dinosaur Extinction available on line, but while we wait for Cathy & Keith to get their act together, here are solutions for preventing human extinction.