Ask Lovecraft

A wonderful series of funny one-man presentations in which H.P. Lovecraft  (Leeman Kessler) answers questions, ponders the mysteries of life, the universe and everything,  and sometimes gives advice. The segments are short,  and appear 3X a week, so do take the time to enjoy several.

Here’s one to get you started:

And then you can go on to learn Lovecraft’s thoughts on just about anything his audience tosses out to him.  His musings on Terry Pratchett and Discword is hysterical.  And a recent one of the Sad Puppies had me all but rolling on the floor.

Chesley Awards

The Chesleys are awarded to the best in SF/F art.  I was there, at Sasquan for the ceremony, but sadly many artists were not. More and more, the artists are choosing other ways to promote their work and are not showing at World Cons.

Beneath the SurfaceI’m still thinking about Julie Dillon’s  Shadows Beneath–Creepiest art I’ve ever seen. My first thought was: Yuck! Ugly!!  But it has that wow factor, too, a sense of the art having so much more meaning than just a picture.  Click the thumbnail, take a long look, and tell me what you think.

You can see the other winners’ works here:

And do take a moment to look at this year’s trophy, which is absolutely stunning.

World Con Masquerade Pictures

The official photographer for the World Con has uploaded the photos of the participants here:

There are two pages, but the first starts with the Hugo awards.

The photo of the spider does not give it justice. It was HUGE, and navigating it from one building to another, not to mention through the doors, was quite a challenge.

Once again, fans were not allowed to take their own pictures of the participants. Well, a very small number could take pics, but only if they were willing to miss the presentations. Stupid, because you then have no idea of the context.  And you couldn’t move from the seating. And the official photog had priority. At least, that’s what it seemed to me, as it took so long to get the last act to the photog area (spider) that I was able to see the fan photography of the arachnid.

Postcards from Pluto

The downloading of images from the New Horizons spacecraft began over the Labour Day weekend.

The detail is incredible, click on this image of Charon. you won’t believe the resolution.  The smallest visible charon-9-10-15feature is just a bit under 5km in size.

” Images downlinked in the past few days have more than doubled the amount of Pluto’s surface seen at resolutions as good as 400 meters (440 yards) per pixel. They reveal new features as diverse as possible dunes, nitrogen ice flows that apparently oozed out of mountainous regions onto plains, and even networks of valleys that may have been carved by material flowing over Pluto’s surface. They also show large regions that display chaotically jumbled mountains reminiscent of disrupted terrains on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.”

Read the rest of the article, view the images:

MonSFFA Meeting teaser

Francois Menard produced a short paper dino animation to inspire the MonSFFen at the Sunday, August 23rd meeting.

Here are the steps involved in the creation of this very short, but unexpectedly complex animation.

Drawing the dino, planning the cutting for the animation
Cutting out the parts needed to create the animation
The cut outs
Cut-outs assembled, ready to be animated.

Sasquan, the 73rd World Con


I failed the tech again! This was supposed to appear on the 19th. –Cathy, spending too much of the con in the business meetings.


Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention begins today.

The biggest news story is the kerfuffle around the Hugo Awards. A record-breaking 5 950 votes were cast for the Hugos.

Attending (all types): 1874, Supporting: 4076

This year, the number of supporting memberships to Sasquan surpassed the number of attending, and nearly all of them voted. BUT are supporting the Puppies, or making a point of voting “no award?” Some pundits are predicting “no award” taking at least one of the categories. Time will tell. The Hugo ceremony will be broadcast live on Sunday.

The 5,950 total surpasses the vote total record for previous years (3,587 ballots, set by Loncon in 2014) by more than 65%.

More than 57% of the convention members eligible to vote cast ballots this year, making this the highest level of participation in Hugo Awards voting in the past decade.

Sasquan will stream the Hugo Awards ceremony live and free of charge at­awards . There will also be a text stream available on the Hugo Awards webpage at

Theme of August 23rd Meeting

PAPER! Beautiful, ugly, unusual, PAPER!

Everyone has paper, bring in a scrap of something interesting, maybe something Keith can use in the stop motion project, and earn a participation point for the Christmas special draw.

(I wish I could be there, ‘cos, golly, do I have paper! Paper made with silk, flowers, timothy grasses, mulberry, –I’m hoping one day to get some of that paper made from elephant poop. Yes, it does exist, though I’m not sure why! –Origami Cathy)