August 27 MonSFFA Meeting

August 27 Meeting

Times are approximate- we don’t know how long the movie chosen by members will last.

Noon:  SF Cinema Matinée, hosted by Keith

14:00h World Premiere of our stop motion project!

14:10 h  Forever and a Day: Living eternally, or at least for a much longer time than we do now is an old human dream. But would fulfilling it really be an unmitigated blessing? Presented by Sylvain St-Pierre

“Deployed” from FWA

16:00 The Future of Warfare: We talk about peace on earth, but it seems we don’t really expect it to happen. Indeed, from reading or watching SF, one expects warfare to go way beyond Earth. How will we fight in space ? Ships, armour, weapons? Planetary defence systems?  Presented by Mark Burakoff