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Ad Astra

Ad AstraAd Astra was a good con, not their best, but not bad either. It turns out that many volunteers had only become involved in January. That’s really learning to swim the hard way! They did a good job indeed, considering the time they had.

I’ve no pictures, my camera just stopped working, yet it was fine a week ago. I did take some video of the masquerade, but haven’t had a chance to view it yet. If it’s OK, I’ll post it here. It was rather short compared to the good ol’ days, but there were some fine costumes, and good skits.

For me, the best panels were the ones on space ship design, police procedures myth busting, and 1966–the Year of. SF on TV.  There were an amazing number of panels directed at wannabe authors, and apparently a lot of wannabe authors were in attendance. The Mountie giving the police procedures presentation asked how many were in attendance because they were authors wanting to get it right, and nearly everyone raised a hand.

Regrettably, there was very little on costuming or art, and the art show was very small. Only one piece jumped out at me, an amazing Game of Thrones quilt.  There was no artist GoH, a big disappointment for me.

There were free books to choose from at registration–cool! I found a new author I like.

The dealer room was ok, but at my age I am not much into collecting stuff. In fact, I have to start getting rid of stuff! There was a lot of jewellery, but when do I get to wear pretty things anymore? Many book dealers, I mostly spent time browsing their wares. There were complaints about the dealer room being downstairs and way off down the hall, but really there is not much choice given the space the con can afford to rent.

I’ve registered for next year. Ad Astra is one of a very few fan run cons left. and deserving of support.