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Tickets go on sale November 4th at noon.


June 1 and 2, 2018

Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

Continue to relive the magic with the third installment of J.K. Rowling’s classic saga about your favourite wizard, accompanied by the Oscar®-nominated score by John Williams, performed by live orchestra and choir.
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, return for their third year at Hogwarts™, and must face the darkest forces of magic yet. They spend the year learning about Hippogriffs, Boggarts, and Dementors™, how to use the Marauder’s Map and the Patronus Charm, all while the threat of escaped prisoner Sirius Black™ looms large. With his best friends, Harry masters advanced magic, crosses the barriers of time and changes the course of more than one life.

Original film will be shown with French subtitles.


On sale : November 4 at noon

Harry Potter themed resto opens in Mtl

Lockhart, already known for its Harry Potter themed restaurant in Toronto, has opened a branch  in Montreal at 3979 rue Saint-Denis.

The website for Montreal is here.  At the moment, it seems to be only available in French, but this may change.  According to our informant, Josée, the menu at the Montreal resto has slightly fewer choices.  The menu is here.

According to the facebook page, there is a possibility of Sunday brunch sometime in the future. If they do, it might be a fun outing for members to try out before a MonSFFA meeting.

They do not take reservations, and being a resto-bar, alcohol can only be served with meals.

Heures d’ouverture
Lundi – Mercredi 17h00 à 2h00
Jeudi et Dimanche 16h00 à 2h00
Vendredi et Samedi 16h00 à 4h00

Notez bien: Le Lockhart Montréal est un resto-bar et cela signifie (par la loi) que vous devez commander de la nourriture si vous voulez consommer de l’alcool.   Afin de pouvoir consommer de l’alcool, vous devez commanderau moins 1 (un) élément du menu nourriture (excluant les desserts). Obligatoire afin d’être conforme au permis d’alcool.

Pity the IT guy at Hogwarts

ANY SUFFICIENTLY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Radio Times found a very funny site: “Someone is pretending to be the IT guy at Hogwarts and it’s hilarious”.

The blog is the fictionalised account of an American muggle named Jonathan Dart working as Hogwarts’ first IT guy. The somewhat grumpy character is constantly solving problems and handling the struggles of being a Muggle in a magic world.

I laughed out loud at this earlier entry:

Necessary Equipment

If my “improper” spelling of the word ‘color’ hasn’t cued you in, I am originally from the other side of the pond from Hogwarts. Let me tell you, you cannot find a decent cup of coffee anywhere in Hogsmeade. I’m cool with tea, but sometimes a man needs a taste of what singlehandedly got him through his early 20s.

Luckily, I was able to work a Keurig into the budget this month. The Headmaster asked what the device was for and I insisted that it was a flux relay needed to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow and maintain the balance of the force of the server’s matrix capacity. Long story short he thinks I’m a technical genius and I have a cup of hazelnut flavored happiness.

Long Range Sensors Detect…

With thanks to File 770 for pointing us to these stories:

  • Lots of Star Trek news
  • Rowling’s official sorting hat goes live
  • Moffat, OBE, Dr Who & Sherlock
  • Steve Green launches Ghostwords TV

Let’s start with the Trek news.  CBS is launching the new series in January of 2017, but it’s going to air primarily on an SVOD service. The creative plan is for the series to introduce new characters and civilizations, existing outside of the mythology charted by previous series Leonard_Book Jacket_William Shatnerand the current movie franchises.  Shatner’s biography of Leonard Nimoy is reviewed here.  As Shatner says at one point, “When I think about Leonard, my memories are emotional more than specific.” His memories often read that way, tooTREK PARODY ON STAGE. Boldly Go!, a musical parody based upon Star Trek, opens February 26 at Caltech Theater in Pasadena, CA.  A series of short videos about the production can be viewed at the site.

Rowling’s sorting hat is not making friends, many fans found themselves in what they consider the “wrong houses”. Give it a whirl, and do let us know how you fare. Click on the “Comment” button above.

Steven_MoffatSteven Moffat was presented with his OBE by the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace for services to drama. After the ceremony, he confirmed that the 10th season of the Doctor will consist of 13 episodes and Sherlock will have 3.  Read more. 

Back in 2009, when World Con came to Montreal, Steve Green won the Steve-GreenTAF, and came to visit.  MonSFFA was honoured to spend some time with this British fan, hosting a fun dinner at a smoked meat restaurant. So you might be interested in knowing that he and Chrissie Harper  have released the first episode of Ghostwords TV, a fortnightly vidcast devoted to horror, dark fantasy, science fiction, comics and telefantasy.

The opening installment offers a lengthy chat with author Ramsey Campbell, including a discussion of the recent controversy over the World Fantasy Award, tributes to David Hartwell and David Bowie, the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead, the latest releases from comics legend Steve Ditko, personnel changes at Doctor Who, Graham Humphreys’ new artbook.  Interesting show, I’m looking forward to more. Watch the first episode here.


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