MonSFFA’s April 14 Meeting is all about SUPERHEROES! So wear your favourite champion’s logo on your T-shirt, hat, or even underwear! (We’ll take your word for it!)

In keeping with the meeting’s theme, our Saturday Sci-Fi Cinema Matinée this month offers five superhero movies from which to choose! Early-birds will collectively choose one to be reviewed! We begin at noon sharp!

The movies are:

WONDER WOMAN (1975): The TV movie that launched Lynda Carter’s 1970s Wonder Woman series! We imagine it must be somewhat embarrassing to be fighting for our rights in those satin tights, so show the girl some respect, please, people!

SUPERMAN AND THE MOLE-MEN (1951): The first theatrical feature to star Superman, played here by George Reeves! The film was trimmed and recycled as a two-part episode of Reeves’ later Adventures of Superman TV show.


GUARDIANS (2017): Vladimir Putin’s take on The Avengers! A notoriously bad Russian superhero adventure. But ya gotta love that were-bear with the big gun!

CAPTAIN AMERICA (1990): Cap battles classic foe Red Skull, who has designs on the president’s brain, in this cheesy romp starring Matt Salinger (no, we’ve never heard of him, either)!

BATMAN (1966): Holy flickering film frames! The classic Adam West-Burt Ward movie version of their hip, hit 1960s TV show! Sock! Pow! Whamm! The Dark Knight romances Catwoman (unbeknownst to him), and drives the coolest Batmobile ever!