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Sometimes you don’t need SF

National Geographic has posted an album of 26 incredible images from photographer Thomas Peschak.

For photographer Thomas Peschak, whose job it is to capture images of the unique and the unexplored, the concept of adventure can almost become routine. Yet Namibia is a destination that he considers unrivalled in its mystery. He calls it “Planet Namibia” and says is the closest he might get to space travel.


Two stories from File 770: Mars, Dr Seus

(1) LITIGATION. File 770 reported in September about the Kickstarter appeal raising funds for Oh, The Places You’ll Boldly Go!, featuring the writing of David Gerrold, the art of Ty Templeton, and the editorial skills of ComicMix’s Glenn Hauman.

The holders of the Dr. Seuss rights have objected and sued for damages reports TMZ.com in “Oh, The Lawsuits You’ll See”.

Dr. Seuss‘ stories should NOT be rehashed with Vulcans or Klingons in the mix — at least not without permission … according to a new lawsuit.

The Doc’s camp just filed suit against ComicMix, which thought it’d be neat to make a ‘Star Trek‘ version of “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” In the docs, obtained by TMZ, the Seuss’ co. says ComicMix fused elements of the classic book with their own story, and even jacked actual prose from the original … all without asking.

They say ComicMix knew damn well it was doing the Doc dirty because its Kickstarter page for the project mentioned they might have to go to court to prove their work was parody and not a violation of copyright. They acknowledged, “we may even lose.”

Team Seuss is suing for damages. A lawyer for ComicMix tells us they love Dr. Seuss and hope to resolve the suit amicably.


And in case you missed Mars last night:

(2) NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MARS SERIES. Don’t wait until the November 14 premiere. Stream the Mars premiere now.

The year is 2033, and humanity’s first crewed mission to Mars is about to become a reality. As a clock counts down the final 90 seconds to landing, an expert crew of astronauts endures the final harrowing moments before touching down on the red planet. Even with the best training and resources available, the maiden crew of the Daedalus spacecraft must push itself to the brink of human capability in order to successfully establish the first sustainable colony on Mars. Set both in the future and in the present day, the global miniseries event MARS blends feature film-caliber scripted elements set in the future with documentary vérité interviews with today’s best and brightest minds in modern science and innovation, illuminating how research and development is creating the space technology that will enable our first attempt at a mission to Mars.

Long Range Sensors Detect…

From National Geographic, some seriously weird stuff:

Help! I’m Trapped in a Drop of Water!  A fish is entombed in a water droplet in zero gravity … Or is it? No creatures were harmed in the making of this video.  Read more.

The 99-Million-Year Erection: The best—and worst—day of this ancient arachnid’s life is preserved in amber. Read more.

There’s a Forest in Your Mouth: To bacteria, a human mouth is an entire world. The tongue, teeth, and gums are all different habitats, each with its own fauna.  Read more.

500 Kinds of Bugs May Be in Your House: And that’s a conservative estimate. Spiders, beetles, book lice—oh, my.  Read more.