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On-line Zine from Jeffrey Allan Boman, a long-time Montreal fan I first met at a Con*Cept waaaay back when…

Jeff is a writer; I find his updates on learning the craft very interesting.

Click this link to view the zine in original format.


Talk of a writer’s voice and many updates  Hello, cats

Here’s how devoted I am to getting this on track: Feb. 4th was my last day of a month-long Writing Challenge on Medium (more on that later), and now that I’m finished, I started this newsletter in earnest.

I said the last issue that I wanted to get this list back on track, and I meant it. Now to produce it quicker.

Welcome to new readers, and welcome back to returning ones.

Voice (Not the TV Show)

I’ve heard this term mentioned a lot lately. It’s something that all writers work to achieve in their writing. Some writers achieve theirs quickly, some take longer. I *hope* that I’ve found mine; readers will tell me if I haven’t.

At its base, achieving a voice means that when a reader sees your words, they can recognize the uniqueness in them. I read examples from Neil Stephenson and Nalo Hopkinson, but I first noticed them in the words from Mark Twain.

Note that I’m not talking about style. That’s a separate thing. I notice a different style in the words written by Spider Robinson (called a literary descendant of Robert Heinlein), but his voice in his text is a different thing altogether.

The challenge that I see is for a writer to vary their voice between different series so that they don’t end up sounding the same — but that’s where the difference between style and voice come into play… and the skill of the writer in question.

That’s a Wrap

I hope this issue came out earlier due to me starting it when I said.

Please share this newsletter with friends who you think will be interested in it. Better yet, invite them to join this newsletter themselves. The “they tell a friend, and they tell a friend” thing applies.  If they want their own subscription they could sign up here: http://is.gd/oIOj2o

Thanks to my friend ‘Heartburn Kid’ Patrick Emond for helping me to proofread this. That nickname differentiates him from another friend, Ninja Pat.

I’m open to suggestions for other stuff for future issues. I’m learning as I go here.

If you want other updates on my writing I have a Facebook Page as well: https://www.facebook.com/JaBWriter/. I’d love to connect.

You can send letters to bosulliman@jabwriter.com with the subject line ‘Letter’ and ‘Suggestion’ for… well, you get it.

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I’m trying this out now. The notion is that I could run my mailing list and newsletter directly through my blog. I would no longer deal with hosting fees separate from it.

It doesn’t seem likely that I’ll do that, as it doesn’t seem to have capabilities for HTML newsletters yet… maybe a future version will.

Writing Challenge

I took part in a month-long competition on Medium. It helped to reconstruct my habit to write daily. As a result, I also have many more entries to share on that platform.

One other benefit: I worked on my writing ‘voice’. You can read all of my posts and immediately tell that I was the author. There’s always room for improvement, but readers could always know that I wrote it, and I came up with original, non-cliche examples. This is good! I’m not Mark Twain, but if I get to be even a fraction of what he achieved, I’ll be happy.

One negative: my viewing stats shot up during the month. They’re now dropping at a big rate.

I’m Back in RPG Writing

I contacted my former publisher recently. I was working on a project with him years ago, but other forces made me vanish. I’m back now to complete the project.

This will give me the funds I need to get my novel edited and to pay a cover artist.

Short Story

Now that the Challenge is over I’m back to Ninja Writing the story.

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I wasn’t updating this blog a lot for a long time. I’m still not, because I’ve been posting on Medium instead, but I hoped to post more here. So: I am writing more, just not on this site.

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This one is pretty self-explanatory.

It seems that I post more personal stories on Medium and more technical ones on my blog.