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IMPULSE for September 2015

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Please note that the schedule for the meeting on the 20th has been moved up a half hour; Logan’s Run will now start at 11:00 AM. This change is made because we will have GUEST SPEAKERS from the RASC MONTREAL CENTRE:  Bill Strople and David Shuman.

David and Bill
David and Bill at Stellaphane with the Coranado.

Bill is an avid observer and collector of telescopes, new and antique. He will be bringing in a few of his favourites to demonstrate. Bring in your reflector, Bill will collimate it for you!

David is well-known to MonSFFA members as he has often come to speak to us about space exploration. An avid model builder and NASA follower, David is also an observer who once built his own telescope from scratch.  Weather permitting, he will be showing us the sun through his Coronado, a telescope made specifically for solar observing.