Press release from Sasquan:

SASQUAN ANNOUNCES RECORD PARTICIPATION IN THE 2015 HUGO AWARDS VOTING Sasquan is pleased to announce that it received a record- breaking 5,950 valid ballots for the 2015 Hugo Awards. 5,914 voters used the online voting system and 36 submitted paper ballots. The 5,950 total surpasses the vote total record for previous years (3,587 ballots, set by Loncon in 2014) by more than 65%. More than 57% of the convention members eligible to vote cast ballots this year, making this the highest level of participation in Hugo Awards voting in the past decade. Sasquan will announce the Hugo Awards winners Saturday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. at a ceremony hosted by authors Tananarive Due and David Gerrold. Sasquan will stream the Hugo Awards ceremony live and free of charge at There will also be a text stream available on the Hugo Awards webpage at

Riftworld Chronicles

The CBC has a webseries called Riftworld Chronicles. I’ve watched the first three episodes, and found them quite enjoyable  in a light sort of way. Keith, the lady has long locks of hair that shine red, and ladies, take note:  “OMG arms!” (in the 2nd episode.) Annoyingly, the same ad at the start of every episode.

The third episode is hilarious, until the very end, when an ambulance has to be called.  I think I’m getting hooked, I have to leave you now to find out what happens next.




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Tom Moore (1928-2015) & Theodore Bikel (1924-2015

Tom Moore was the artist for the Archie comics. He drew Archie & his friends off and on from 1953 to the late 1980s.  Annual sales of the comic regularly surpassed half a million during the 60s. Read more:

Theodore Bikel, acted in everything and anything, from the original Broadway musical, Sound of Music, to the role of Worf’s adopted father,  Sergey Rozhenko  in ST:TNG.  He was also a social activist, participating in voter registration drives during the civil rights movement, and a demo outside the Soviet embassy to protest the Soviet treatment of Jewish citizens.   And somehow he still found time to be a folksinger, co-foundeding  the Newport Folk Festival with Pete Seeger, Harold Leventhal, Oscar Brand, and George Wein.

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YES! The BBQ is a go!

We meet as detailed in an earlier post–scroll down!

Looks like the rain is holding off, but the UV index is high, so wear sun screen and a hat.

A mix of sun and cloud. 40 percent chance of showers in the afternoon with risk of thunderstorms. Wind southwest 20 km/h. High 27. UV index 7 or high.