Tentative Meeting dates for 2018

These are the dates for 2018 meetings. However, please note that we have yet to confirm with the hotel.

Jan 14
Feb 11
Mar 11
April 8

May— https://www.startrektour.com/ possible field trip to Ticonderoga, New York Shatner’s will be there on May 4th and 5th
You may need to buy tickets ASAP, esp if you want the meet and greet.  If we choose not to go to the Ticonderoga event to see Shatner, then the next possible date is the 13th or 27th, but the 13 is Mother’s Day.
Also May 4-6 is Boreal weekend, and that event is in Montreal this year.

June 10
July BBQ 22
Aug 12
Sept 9
Oct 14
Nov 18
Dec 8  Holiday Feast