Supermoon this weekend

Unfortunately, it looks like Montreal area will be clouded over, but if you happen to be under a clear sky, look for the moon tonight and tomorrow night.

Space Weather News for Dec. 2, 2017

WATCH OUT FOR THE SUPERMOON: This weekend’s full Moon is the biggest and brightest full Moon of 2017, almost 8% wider and 16% brighter than average. The extra dose of luminosity, which peaks on Sunday night, Dec. 3rd, is going to cast unusually sharp midnight shadows as this “supermoon” lights up the wintry landscape of the northern hemisphere. Visit today’s edition of to find out why the Moon is so big, and when is the best time to look.

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Above: On Nov. 29th, the waxing supermoon created a luminous halo in the sky as it shined through icy clouds over Tuscon, Arizona. Supermoons also make super halos. Look for them this weekend! Photo credit: Eliot Herman