On the road, again: to the stars!

Ad Astra is calling me! If I get out of the house at a reasonable time, I will be rolling down the 401 at this very moment.

I will try to post some comments and photos of the convention from the hotel.

Ad Astra is always a great con, regardless of the guests. Interesting panel discussions and workshops, but more important, good company!



8 thoughts on “On the road, again: to the stars!”

  1. Still so sorry I missed it. Ad Astra is one of the few true conventions left. We have entered an era of “expos” that are really simply big trade shows with a lot of somethings to sell. Nothing wrong with those, but the days of being able to enjoy a beer with your favorite author in the con suite are almost gone, and have been replaced with 2-3 hr waiting lines for an Q&A with seating so far away from the stage that it’s hard to tell if the people at the front really are those TV or movie stars you all love. I hope ad-astra goes on for decades to come, and I really wish we could have fan cons like that back in Montreal.

    1. Oh, yes, I agree with you!! I have already registered for next year’s Ad Astra. Went to a couple of those big cons–not for me. Montreal had Con*Cept for many years, but couldn’t get enough volunteers and the numbers of attendees were dropping due to the Comicon, mostly. You should attend MonSFFA meetings, we are for the most part people who prefer fan run cons to the procons.

      1. I was planning on joining MonSFFA this year. I will try to attend the next meeting.

      2. Me, too. I really miss meeting all the con-friends I only saw at Con*Cept. Except for Boreal, the French SF con, there is really nothing in the area for fans who enjoy the more intimate conventions such as Con*Cept and Ad AStra.

  2. Enjoy. I was going to attend, but my car just broke down. Very little chance of getting it fixed in time for tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

    1. Unfortunately, my camera decided to be uncooperative. I did video the masquerade, however, so I hope to get that on line soon if it isn’t too dark.
      It was a good con, though I found the programming weak on the Sunday.

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