Local Sensors Detect…

  • Independence Day Second Trailer
  • Steampunk Decor
  • Sophie & Doug visit Narnia–too late.

Independence Day--apparently, he’s not dead, Jim, and the aliens might have updated their virus protection.


Steampunk Decor—  Years ago, when i was still chairing Con*Cept, I suggested a Steampunk theme and GoH. One of the concom predicted the imminent demise of the “fad”. Well, the fad is not dead yet, either. Or else maybe the Gazette is late catching up to it?  Read about it in the Montreal Gazette, Page H7, or  Read the article from the Montreal Gazette here.

Sophie and Doug in Narnia— Well, this is kinda sad… I had to use a magnifier to be sure, but yes, that is the poor Faun sobbing.  Looks like Uncle Andrew got his way…