MonSFFA Meets Today!

MonSFFA meets today at the Espresso Hotel, 1005 Guy, corner Rene Levesque, 13:00h.

Guest Speakers: Jo Walton, Su Sokol

Who are the Genre’s most notable women writers, and why don’t we hear about them quite as much as we hear about their male counterparts?

What obstacles have and do women writers face in a Genre long
dominated by men? Are female writers finally making their mark on SF/F, or have they already done so, and long been recognized for
their contributions? Do the characters, worlds, aliens, of speculative stories penned by women differ greatly, broadly speaking, from those of male authors?

What constitutes a “Feminist” SF/F story, and can only a female writer truly write one? What of female characters in SF/F?
Can men convincingly write female characters, and conversely, women male characters?

We’ll tackle these and other questions with our special guests, Hugo-, Nebula- and World Fantasy-award-winning author Jo Walton, and lawyer and social activist Su Sokol, a writer of
speculative and interstitial fiction.

Debate: Discovery vs The Orville.
Moderated by Keith, panellists to include Cathypl, Alexis, and anyone whose arms we can twist