STRACZYNSKI MEMOIR COMING. Harper Voyager US has acquired the imprint’s first memoir, written by J. Michael Straczynski. The book will be published in 2019.

Straczynski is one of the most successful writers of comics, TV, graphic novels, and movies in modern pop culture, and has emerged as one of the most respected voices in science fiction today, selling millions of comics, winning dozens of awards and working with such luminaries as Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie and Kenneth Branagh. He is famed for his work on the recent Netflix hit Sense8, his work on Babylon 5, Changeling, World War Z, Thor, and a seven-year stint on The Amazing Spider-Man. But despite forty years of twelve-hour writing days, there’s one story Straczynski could never tell: his own. This memoir chronicles the author’s struggle growing up surrounded by poverty, violence, alcoholism and domestic abuse. The result is an inspiring account of how he wrote his way out of some of the most harrowing conditions.

MonSFFA’s 2018 Programming


We mostly finalized our programming at the January meeting. The dates are uncertain as the hotel has informed us that our regular meeting space is no longer available on Sundays. Consequently, there is a good chance that our meetings will move to Saturdays. For instance, if the date listed is Feb 11, then the meeting would likely move to the 10th.

The other issue is that Sylvain, famed for his really excellent presentations, is not going to be available for the foreseeable future. We scheduled him later in the year, but this also may change.

This is what the programming looks like at the moment. (My notes are a mess, lots of arrows moving panels about, I hope I have everything as we planned.)

February 11 Wear Red for Valentine’s Day! 

Starting at NOON: SF/F Cinema Matinee (Keith) Title/Theme TBD

A Personal Journey:  Fern offers a brief account of his involvement with MonSFFA over the years, highlighting the fun and satisfaction it has brought him!

Yves, Keith, to moderate Society and Sex in the future:  Future relationships or How Technological and Sociological changes might affect our views about the subject.

Balderdash: Game run by Danny

March 11 Pin your favourite female author to your heart!

Guest Speakers: Jo Walton, Su Sokol International Women’s Day is March 8. There was a time when women SF/F authors were not welcome in the genre, has anything changed? What makes a novel “feminist”? Where are the female Clarkes, Bradburys, and Asimovs? We could also explore the portrayal of women in SF/F–Can a man write from PoV of a woman? Are books written by women different from those written by men?

Debate: Moderated by Keith, panellists to include Cathypl, Alexis, and anyone whose arms we can twist: Discovery vs The Orville.

April 8 Theme is Capes and Masks

NOON: SF/F Cinema Matinee: Episodes of TV’s Bruce Wayne as Batman.

The Lure of the Superhero Keith, details to follow

Debate: DC versus Marvel (Moderated by François)

Comic Art: Presentation by Keith

May 27: 

UFOs Possible guest speaker

Translation in SF, Presentation by Danny

June 10 Field trip to the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa

Car Pools will be arranged.  BTW, Steampunk fans will love this:

July 22, Rain Date the 29th: Our annual picnic in the park

August 12 Art in SF/F Bring in your favourite book illustration

Sword and Sorcery: Presentation by François

Judging a book by its Cover: Various presenters are interested–might be several short presentations of 10 minutes each.

Slide Show: The Star Trek recreated sets in Ticonderoga A slide presentation by Keith and Lindsay.

September 9

Ret-Conning, Presentation by Sylvain (hopefully) followed by an open discussion on our personal views on the subject.

Astronomy Presentation: Possible guest speaker, or else Cathypl will give you the latest on Exo-planets, Webb Telescope, LIGO, etc

October 14

Golden Age of Pulps: possible guest Speaker, or presentation by Sylvain

Presentation by Adam:  Folktales and how they influence SF/F

November18 : Our Annual Book Sale and possibly a game.

December  8: Our Annual Feast, probably at the Irish Embassy



Free! Gaming Event in Montreal

Draconis is a role-playing game festival that will take place the weekend of March 2nd to the 4th, 2018, at the CEGEP du Vieux Montreal. Many games will be available to play under a variety of systems. The event is free and is open to people of all ages and levels of experience!

Le festival Draconis est un festival de jeu de rôle qui se tiendra du 2 au 4 mars 2018 au CEGEP du Vieux Montréal. L’événement vous offrira la possibilité de participer à une multitude de séances dans une variété de systèmes. Jeunes et moins jeunes, expérimentés ou non, vous êtes les bienvenus à cet événement gratuit et ouvert à tous !

Zines to share!

Jeff Boman sent me the link to hes newsletter, the  Bosulliman Press This will be of interest to writers in particular.

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-12-27

Revenge of Hump Day 2018-01-03

Revenge of Hump Day 2018-01-10

MT VOID 1995

MT VOID 1996

Vibrator V46

Vibrator V471

 Incompleat  from Nic Farey who writes:

Attached is the 2017 “final” issue of The Incompleat Register, which serves as indicated above as a voters’ guide for the 2018 FAAn awards and includes a pro forma ballot and procedure. This is being sent out to faneditors, the Corflu 35 chairs (Corflu 35 is where the awards will be announced), efanzines, File770 and others. Wider distribution (and publicity in your zine) is encouraged. The awards will be given for work published for the first time in the calendar year 2017. Other than this, there are no voting restrictions or requirements other than an interest in fanzines and their contributors. Voting opens immediately, and the deadline is midnight PST, March 15 2018.

Nic Farey FAAn Awards Administrator


A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway

The skies will be clear tonight, so if you are in a fairly dark site, you might see aurora.  Won’t be as fantastic as that photo below, but still fun to watch.

A G1-class geomagnetic storm is in progress on Jan. 14th as Earth enters a fast-moving stream of solar wind.

Space Weather News for Jan. 14, 2018

GEOMAGNETIC STORM IN PROGRESS: A G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on Jan 14th as Earth enters a stream of fast-moving solar wind. G1-class storms are relatively minor and have little effect on satellites or global power grids. However, they can confuse migratory animals that navigate using magnetism at high latitudes and, moreover, may spark bright auroras around the Arctic Circle. Visit for more information and updates.

Above: First contact with the solar wind stream produced this outburst of auroras over Tromsø, Norway, on Jan. 13th. Photo credit: Markus Varik. See more images of the ongoing storm in’s aurora photo gallery.

A blue comet is approaching the sun

A blue comet is approaching the sun, and it is super active, with wild jets waving around the comet’s core and dusty clouds billowing down its tail.

On Jan. 10th, Austrian astrophotographer Michael Jäger recorded dramatic changes in only two hours:

Click to watch video

Space Weather News for Jan. 11, 2018

BLUE COMET PANSTARRS: Beyond the orbit of Mars, an unusual blue comet is approaching the sun. Every time astronomers look at Comet PanSTARRS (C/2016 R2), it has a different appearance. Daily images show gaseous jets waving wildly around the comet’s core and dusty clouds billowing down the comet’s tail. This hyperactivity comes despite the fact that the comet is located in a region of space where deep cold and feeble sunlight usually discourage such volatility. What’s happening? The comet’s blue color is a crucial clue. Read more in  today’s edition of

Remember, is on Facebook!

Above: Comet PanSTARRS (C/2016 R2) photographed on Jan. 10th by amateur astronomer Gerald Rhemann of Farm Tivoli, Namibia.

MonSFFA Meeting January 14

We have a lot to discuss this Sunday! And I do mean A LOT !!

It looks like we will have to change our meetings to Saturday, or meet in a much smaller room, or find another meeting hall. Check details in January’s Impulse.

Keith has arranged for us to meet in a junior suite for our January 14th meeting;  thank you Keith!! It will probably be room 542, but do check at the front desk to be sure.

But we will be having our regular meeting, even if very cozy!

13h  Elections–usually about 10 – 15 minutes, but this year we will need an interim treasurer for a short while.

13:15h Presentation and discussion led by François Ménard:

From relative unknown to ubiquitous inspiration of the fantastic. A retrospective on the works, influence, and life of Howard Phillips Lovecraft, Master of Weird Tales and father of modern supernatural horror.

After the Break, Planning for 2018

  • Meeting room problem, possible change to Saturdays
  • Field Trip to Ticonderoga
  • Stop Motion animation project: François & Keith
  • Planning programming for 2018: Many ideas have been presented, still room for more, and then we need to schedule everything and find participants.