Fanzines to share!

Oodles of fan zines have arrived while we were up to our eyeballs in boxes of books for the sale  Enjoy!

CyberCozen,  WARP’s  “penpal”  edited by Leybl Botwinik who writes:  We look forward to your comments,
and especially if someone would like to write content for a future issue.E-mail:leybl_botwinik@yahoo. com

BCSFAnzine edited by Felicity Walker. She’s a little behind, this is the January issue.

Vibrator 45 from Graham Charnock who wrote:

Well, it’s only a fanzine, not a President. No reason to be afraid. Or is there? This issue deals with death, degeneratiuon and the decay of the soul, so not for the faint at heart. But hey it also has a jolly feature by Nic Farey on the Las Vegas shooter. Open this attached pdf if you dare. Well, it’s all a bit of fun, isn’t it?

Purrsonal Mewsings is edited by R-Laurraine Tutihasi


MT VOID Issues 1982 through 1987 co-edited by Mark &  Evelyn Leeper

MT VOID 1982

MT VOID 1983

MT VOID 1984

MT VOID 1985

MT VOID 1986

MT VOID 1987

Revenge of Hump Day 10/25, 10/31, 11/08

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-25

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-10-31

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-11-08