Zines to share!

If you publish on blogs, websites, Facebook, etc., a good closing line is always “Like SF? I belong to the N3F http://N3F.org and you should, too.” not to mention “N3F? Public memberships are free.”

Leading people to Fanac is good. Our wonderful Welcommittee does its share, but more voices in this direction would be positive. Speaking up (e.g., Letters of Comment) for activities you would like to see, and do not, would be positive.

George Phillies
President, N3F

George sends us copies of two zines this week–Mt Void and Revenge of Hump Day. He also passes on copies of our own WARP, which is much appreciated by yours truly!  –CPL

MT VOID 1979

MT VOID 1980

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-06

Revenge of Hump Day 2017-09-13