The next club meeting is this Sunday, August 27, and will feature another edition of Sunday Sci-Fi Cinema Matinée. In honour of the premiere, later in the meeting, of the club’s animated short film, which features paper cut-out stop-motion dinosaurs, we’ll be showcasing dinosaur movies!

The Matinée begins at noon! MonSFFen present will be asked to vote for their favourite of five vintage dinosaur movies; the movie garnering the most votes will be the one we review!

Here are the five dinosaur movies we’ve listed for your consideration:

                      WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH (1970)A prehistoric adventure pitting tribes of cave people against both each other, and a number of dinosaurs! Apes the success of the 1966 Raquel Welsh vehicle One Million Years, B.C. and features quality stop-motion dinosaurs animated by Jim Danforth.



Classic schlock! A prehistoric world is found to have survived into modern times at the bottom of a deep crater in Antarctica!  Originally to be shot in colour,    the ambitious production spent so much money on a full-scale animatronic Elasmosaurus that they overshot their budget and in the end, could only afford to shoot in black and white! The movie’s “terrifying” T-Rex is clumsily portrayed by a technician in a rubber suit!



A perfectly preserved Brontosaurus and Tyrannosaurus are uncovered by a construction crew on a Caribbean island, then reanimated by a lightning strike! The dinosaurs endanger the local populace while a caveman similarly revived befriends a local orphan boy, the two of them getting into all manner of mischief. Proceedings culminate in an exciting duel between the Tyrannosaurus and a skip shovel! Stop-motion powers the film’s dinosaur stars through more than an hour of B-movie action and silliness.




You may recognize star Doug McClure from such movies as Terror in the Sky, Satan’s Triangle, and Humanoids from the Deep! Here, he’s taken aboard a WWI German submarine that discovers the mysterious island of Caprona, an unknown land where several eras of the Earth’s prehistoric evolution co-exist and survival proves a dicey challenge! Based on the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure novel.



A rollicking adventure pitting cowboys against dinosaurs and showcasing the superior stop-motion animation of Ray Harryhausen, undisputed master of the craft! You’ll be astonished by the cowboys’ roping of the titular Allosaurus, a stunning visual effects achievement and the peak of first-rate dinosaur movie action prior to the advent of CGI many years later.