Meeting of April 17th, 2016

Our April meeting started at noon with the return of our Sunday morning SF movie matinee. Keith brought in 5 George Pal movies to choose from:

“War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, When Worlds Collide, Destination Moon, and Conquest of Space are the movies I’ll have on hand for folks to choose from. They’re all good! Classics!”

ConquestAfter watching the trailers, we voted and Conquest of Space was chosen.  It wasn’t long before some of us began to regret we hadn’t gone with War of the Worlds or Time Machine. OTOH, we did have a lot of fun poking holes in the science, (or more properly, lack of) and the religious fanaticism screwing up the mission might be a good moral lesson for the GOP candidates.

Following the movie, Renée Walling gave a talk on the BDs, with Reneemphasis on the European ones. The genre has come a long way since Asterix and TinTin, beloved graphic novels of our childhood. Renée also had quite a selection on hand for browsing.





Raffle 3Raffle 2Raffle 1After the break and the raffle (I won the chocolate Dragon, which was great, as I had huge problems with my email provider and seriously needed the chocolate to keep me from insanity) we went to work on our stop motion project. One scene is now complete, but there is much more to film. We may need to reorganize the programming for the May movie to complete the work.

Production teamFrancois




There are more pictures of our meeting available to members, just click the members’ tab in the above menu bar.

Photos on this page courtesy of Sylvain St-Pierre

Local Sensors Detect…

  • Ask Lovecraft:  Captain America
  • Jurassic Sequel is a go, apparently
  • New Dr Who Companion to be announced tomorrow during the Manunited / Everton football match.


  • Ask Lovecraft, Captain America, a bit of silliness.


  •  New Dr Who Companion to be announced tomorrow during the Manunited / Everton football match.   We’ll be getting different ads, but watch social media light up.  READ MORE
  • Jurassic Sequel is a go, according to a small article in Montreal Gazette. J A Bayona will direct. Colin Trevorrow will still co-write, and will be executive producer, but won’t be directing because he will be at the helm of Star Wars: Episode IX for 2019.

Hopping over to IMDB, we learn: Universal has announced that a sequel to Jurassic World will be released on Friday, June 22, 2018. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will return to star. Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly, who did a rewrite on World, will write the script for the sequel. Steven Spielberg will return to executive produce and Frank Marshall to produce. Trevorrow, who is not expected to return to direct, will also be an executive producer on the Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment sequel. »




Zines for your reading pleasure!

MonSFFA trades zines with various other editors and clubs. We have received the following fanzines recently.

Spartacus, a perzine by Guy Lillian:  most interesting articles on current US politics and the messy justice system.

Alexiad, perzine by Joe Major:  Long article on James Bond and Thunderball.

Art of Garthiness, perzine by Garth Spenser:  Garth’s continuing efforts to teach common sense. Also, funny graphic of Vancouver and fanzine reviews.

BCSFAzine,  clubzine edited by Felicity Walker: Notes on club meeting and upcoming events.

OSFS Statement: Clubzine: We receive paper copies from the Ottawa SF Society. They have a website, but they do not seem to upload their zines to the site. They carry a lot of astronomy news. If interested in seeing it, ask me at a meeting.

Broken Toys is a really good perzine by Taral Wayne. You can download it from and you really should have a look at last year’s editions as they are nominated for an Aurora.