Hugo Awards/DragonCon Awards/Puppies

Does SF/F really need another award? I swear they multiply like rabbits. The latest is from Dragon Con and will be known as “The Dragon”.

Click here to see the official Dragon Con press release. The list of rules and conditions is here.

Since Dragon Con announced it would start its own awards, there has been a lot of talk comparing them to the Hugos and of course the Puppies are involved in the discussion. If you believe the Puppies, they were the driving force behind the new awards.  Well, they were told many times to start their own awards if they didn’t like the Hugos, so apparently, now they have.

I don’t see why some would think the DC awards would be in competition with the Hugos (largely a different crowd), but I think Good Reads as a popular vote award already covers most of the same ground.

DC has a few little bugs to iron out, but I think their biggest problem will be the fact that anyone can vote and the door is open to abuse. They do say they will remove suspicious votes, but that’s easier said than done.  Might explain DC’s need for the legalese in the rules. It’s like reading the rules and conditions for a contest, written by the folks over at QC’s Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

DC has a lot of categories, and IMO, there is too much overlapping. There are 7 categories for best novel. I can see a voter getting tied up in knots trying to decide whether to nominate a book in Military SF, or just SF, or maybe even YA.  Especially as you can only nominate one in each category! There are no short story, novella, or editor categories. This is viewed negatively by the fen, but I think it simply reflects a different electorate, which is perfectly fine.

I also find this FAQ somewhat disturbing. Of course, candidates for an award will do some advertising of the fact, I’ve been quite happily making sure lots & lots of potential Aurora voters know Keith and I are on the short ballot, but a full page on a website explaining how to promote oneself is a bit tacky on the part of the awards organization.

Can someone nominate just my book, game, movie, or comic? Yes, a fan can leave any category they wish blank.

File 770 is following the debate, Puppies and all, and is worth scrolling through if you have an interest in the subject.  It starts here, with the announcement.  Comments and reactions from all and sundry, including Pups, interesting as always.